Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Now with more pictures.

So, first of all the socks.
I have one done and the other is past the heel.

The second one knit up fast in 24 hours..I feel a bit like Wendy.
So fast that my wrists are starting to hurt.
I knit on them in little spurts--but still, I might need to take a break.
I've totally fallen asleep the past 2 nights knitting on these socks.
Last night I fell asleep before 11pm on the couch, woke to A crying, took a quick look at the clock and ran up to get him. The clock had one hand up and one down, so I thought it was 6am--nope, 12;30am.
I had changed his diaper and his clothes thinking it was morning--brought him down and found out it was not breakfast time. Ooops
So, I let him veg out for a big and tried to put him back to bed. He's doing that "I'm wide awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night" thing again. So, today, am tired...ugh

We are all tired today and so as not to spend the day vegging and getting cranky indoors--we went walking.

Princess B's school participated in the World Record Walk today and even though it wasn't a school day, we went over to join in.
Here's a random shot of some kids:

and my little walkers:

IT was a beautiful day for walking but we were all tired when we got home.

But this pretty stuff helped perk me up:

My first installment of the Spunky Eclectic Fibre Club. It's a Merino/Tencel blend called "Aspen".

This next gorgeous one is called "Pumpkin Cappuccino" from CJKopec Creations at Etsy.

It's 4 0z of a Merino/Colonial Wool Blend. Sooooo pretty.

I'm thinking I might start selling some of my hand-spun. I might need to, to keep up with my addiction of rovings.
I think after these socks for Dad are finished, I will spend more time spinning and less time knitting at night.
I do need to finish my Ribbi Cardi (which has been sitting since about March) but I will work on it in little bits.

Kinda silly, since Socktoberfest has just started--but I think I need a break from socks (*gasp* , I know--but it's all I've been doing lately and the fibre stash is growing)

So, I will keep plugging away on the socks--they will be done by Friday which is good because they are being gifted to my Dad on Saturday for his 65th Birthday!

This weekend is Thanksgiving and I"m so excited to see my family--my new little nephew, eat Turkey and Pumpkin Pie and just veg.....

I might post one final picture, or a progress shot of something before I take off, otherwise, it will be MOnday before we are back.