Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have decided to try my hand at a Fiber Club.

The first ever ChickswithSticks Fiber Club listings are up at my etsy shop and my Artfire Shop

Choices are for a 3 month club, or a 1 month installment.
Shipping is included in the price listing!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another crazy girl weekend

and again I can't really share photos, to protect the innocent and the guilty.

I had a great weekend in Kingston at Springarama (info on the sidebar) with some of "the girls" from Church.

We ate, we pranked, we slept a bit.

The speaker was Hilary Price--amazing! She was funny, insightful, a good speaker and a great Teacher. I don't think I've ever taken so many notes at a conference before.

The music was very special to us, as the Worship Leaders, Trinity, are all from PE County.
They were amazing!!!

I had a great time in my morning session and made a necklace in the afternoon.

Saturday night we were treated to a visit from "Ma", who made us laugh so hard we forgot to breathe.

She even shared some love:

and really, those are the only pictures that I can share. I don't have the group shots--anyone? anyone? (Danielle that song is for you!)

One funny thing I can share. In the folders we all got little perfume samples. Mine was, interesting:

and really that's all I can share. The rest of the stories and pictures are getting locked in the vault and will not be shared.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Birthday Fun

So hubby's family came this weekend for his annual big fundraiser event, and to celebrate with little man.
We had gifts, balloons, more cake and lots of fun!

I spent the last few days cleaning up the house, the little man spent his days making more messes and not napping.
Thursday afternoon after picking up Princess B, I found this:

Once the family got here we decorated with balloons on the ceiling:

More family arrived and we had cake:

Some more gifts: (They know what he likes--trucks and cars and Diego)

(He also got a Peter Pan movie, which he wasn't sure he liked--but now runs all over the house
saying "I can FLY!"

I had some kind of mutant bug this weekend--really sore throat/fever chills and general falling asleep sitting up, so I missed the fundraiser and Church--but after much napping and Advil--I fell a bit better.

Spring is coming!

The kids played outside a lot this weekend, they even put swimsuits on and made a water slide with the hose (brrrr)

Little man is growing up out of his naps (He is 4, so it's fine with me)--but now has taken to wanting to "sleep" everywhere but his bed:
(He loves pretending to sleep and thinks it's hilarious and will pose quite willingly)

I love you monkey!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This year we met up at my parents house to do Easter all together--it was wonderful!
We decorated cookies, did Easter eggs, went to the park, had food and fun.

We also got to visit my BIL and SIL and nephews for a surprise party for my SIL's birthday!
She had no idea that her house would be filled with people when she came home.

The kids had fun with the eggs--I learned more colour theory and had a fun just being together.

We celebrated a bit for Little man's birthday--he wasn't too sure about the singing (overwhelming) but talked about "my Happy Birthday" all weekend and was excited to see family.

My sister/BIL/nephew bought him a Star Wars ship with characters which he doesn't let out of his sight and the Grandparents bought him Swimming lessons which he starts next week.

It was a great weekend full of fun, family and food!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Updates galore!

There has been knitting, there are not great knitting pictures to post.

It's hard to take pictures of yourself in a new sweater and hubby and I just haven't got around to doing photo shoots.
(Picture taken by my 6 y/old with the 3 y/old running for the camera)

This is the completed February Lady Sweater. Knit with Cascade 220 (my fist time using that yarn and I loved it) that was gifted to me...

Once I got the hang if the pattern repeat-it went quickly. It's warm, I love it.
I used some old buttons that were my Mom's--gives it a nice touch,I think.

I have a couple of test knits that I can't post--which makes the Knitting content part of Knit blogging difficult.

What am I to do....
Pictures of dyeing:

Pictures of Soap! (Apparently Blogger likes sideways pictures of soap)

I have been wanting to make this Strawberry Soap since I first started making soap a year ago.
I finally dove in and am loving the results.

It's make with real Strawberries, some yummy Strawberry fragrance that I bought and some red colouring.

I also made some Patchouli Soap. I love Patchouli--this is a nice light scent--not the overwhelming 60's dirty hippy Patchouli. Spicy, light, and fresh.

Looks good huh??