Tuesday, November 22, 2005

first foray for felting

this is my first attempt at felting...this was something i made for my mother-in-law last year for christmas.
i made a pair for myself as well.
i will post the "after" picture "after" i take a picture of my feet.

this is the after picture...i like the cuff and the little "bumper" that the pattern has.

more old stuff

This is an old picture of a hat that i LOVE to make. It's an Apple Hat from Ann Norling.
I love to make this hat! (did I already say that?) anyways, i have probably made about 4 this year alone...many babies born to friends..and will be making more.
I have a green version as well....

More baby stuff

Here is another recenlty finished project. In the picture, it's not completely finished. Silly me gave the gift w/out getting the final picture. The baby it was going to, is growing like a weed and I needed to get it to him asap.

The pattern is "Cargo" from Knitty by Brynne Sutton

If I had the finished picture here, they'd have cute little fake pockets and the waist would be sewn down...oh well....


Something I've just finished!!!
A little hat for a baby at church. (I've been busy since we've had 7 babies born this year to our chuch, one is mine).
The pattern is from Stitch-N-B**ch Nation. The yarn, are some leftovers from home.
I'm not too picky when it comes to yarn for projects. I read on the SNB site that someone was saying if you used the Rowan yarn, it would cost almost $60 to make the hat!!!??? WHAT??
Not me, no thanks..i'm sure it's great yarn but...