Friday, August 31, 2007

What's with all the posting?

or, it's all about me Friday. (tongue in cheek)

So, I've won another contest over at Yogurt and Granola--some Knitpicks laceweight yarn and a book!!
Thanks Catherine.

Also, blog friend Megan has nominated me for:

*more info here* (i can't get the linky-loo to work for the button)

Thanks Megan!!!
(oh and go to Megan's blog to see the felted fortune cookies she is making, so cute)

So, I tag:
Sweet Sheep Michelle

You're it, girls!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chain chain chain...

chain of fools.
For 5 long months...I thought you were my yarn.

But I found out--you're just a link in my chain.

(song courtesy of the Commitments..if you know the real song and are singing it in your head, kudos to you)

I am a plyin' fool.

Here is the Spunky Eclectic Tahiti all finished and ready for it's photo shoot.
I decided to try my hand at Navajo ply again (hence the song title)...and loved it.
It makes for an interesting looking yarn and we'll see how this knits up.

Princess B was so excited that she snuggled the yarn first thing this morning (I do that too, must be genetic)
So, I think I am ready to start swatching and figuring out whether this will work for her felted slippers.
If I actually get them done and keep them away from her long enough, I could enter them in the Fall Fair which is next weekend.
I picked up a booklet yesterday to see about entering some handspun, but the way the categories go, I could only enter 1 skein.
So, since I haven't actually knit anything from my handspun, I should try to do that and up my entries.

Hubby tried to take the wheel back this morning, but the store was closed.
I emailed my guild to see if anyone was interested, but no response yet.
It will go back tomorrow.

I've started and finished a toe on little man's socks--not that he's interested. I was fudging the numbers for a Wendy's generic toe up and wanted to try them on--but he was no happy "no socks Mom".
The kids have been cranky the past 2 days--little man because he does not sleep and doesn't realize that makes a 2 y/old grumpy and Princess B because..she does not sleep.
She was put to bed at 7:30pm last night and was STILL singing in her room at 10pm when hubby went to bed. Sigh....
I hope school will wear her out enough that she will be tired, but not too fussy during the day...and sleep well at night.

Parents of new JK kids?? Does that happen??

We are having fun these last few days before school though--she helped me make bread in the bread machine today (best recipe ever) and she wore this for our daily walk downtown:

Tinkerbell outfit, complete with wings.

The ladies in the post office just giggle at her.
We also live in a huge tourist town, so there are lots of 'out of towners" that thought it interesting to see Tinkerbell walking through town.

Do any other fibre freaks do this?? (have yarn hanging all over that is??)

When I dye, I end up with yarn hanging everywhere to dry. We normally don't hang our keys here anyways, so it was a good spot.
That is all.
There are groceries to be bought, children to sleep (I hope) and a really gunky floor to wash.
So, blog time over--see you tomorrow

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 wheels???

So, I'm posting this morning about my drive band breaking, figured out how to fix it (did it wrong, the band actually has to be put together ON the wheel, otherwise you just have a drive band that sits beside it, and that doesn't work)...... fixed it and then
Hubby comes home with this:

Another spinning wheel...
It was from a crafty shop downtown that the kids and I pass every day. I actually looked at it yesterday, saw the price and kept right on walking.
He saw it today (and had someone tell him about it) and brought it home as an early anniversary present (our anniversary is in October)
I love him.

Unfortunately the wheel doesn't work and I don't think CAN work w/out serious help.
There is a bobbin that seems to be stationary to the wheel (ie: you can't take it off) the orifice is very small and rusty and there is no whorl for the drive band---ie: the wheel may turn but won't turn the bobbin.
He was all hopeful about taking my Mother-of-All and putting it on this wheel, because the wheel itself is beautiful and spins nicely--but I said no deal.
I love my wheel.
I love that he built it for me.
I don't want another wheel (right now, and when I get one it will be a double treadle Lendrum. I heart Lendrum)
Poor guy.

So, just for public record:
My hubby is the greatest in the entire world.
He builds me a wheel
He buys me a wheel because he knows I like them.
He gives me a present 6 weeks early "just because"

So, I am sending him back to the store--which he's not looking forward too, but I told him to just blame me.....

Anybody want to buy an antique wheel???

Spinning updates

Finally some spinning finished product:

This is the Pigeon Roof Studios "Delight" Merino/Silk all done!
You can see from the scale that I have about 6.7 oz--so enough to do something with.

I am not happy with my plying:

It's not even, and I checked it while plying and it seemed balanced, was balanced when I took it off the wheel, but there are spots that are underplyed and as you can see from the picture above there are spots where it looks like the roving wasn't spun at all.
I know the only way to get better at plying is to keep doing it, but mine does not seem to be progressing well.

I think I shall talk about that next week at Spinning guild--maybe get some pointers.
We talked a bit about that last week and agreed that spinning from two 2nds of a centre pull ball is not easy.
My lazy-kate is not tensioned, and I wonder if that makes a difference.
Anyways--I am happy with this yarn--but apparently my camera is angry b/c the close up, clear pictures have somehow disappeared.

After staying up way to late finished that last night, I was hungry for a new project.
I wanted to start some socks for Princess B and pulled out the Lorna's Laces I bought forever ago, thinking she'd love the colours.

She actually asked for some Ballet slippers--which I happened to have a pattern for. I explained that that yarn is just for socks but some spinning I have, would work for the slippers.
They are the same colour, so she's happy.

Recognize the spinning?
It's the Spunky Eclectic "Tahiti" roving that was one of my first purchases and 2nd wheel spun. It's been sitting on the bobbin that long--because I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to spin the other half and ply, just use it as singles, and because it took me so long that I was kind of tired of it....
Now that it has a project in mind, I think it will be fast work...except.
I sat down at the wheel this morning while little man was napping, and the drive band broke.
It's plastic, so I melted it back together, but now I think I need to wait before using it.

So, maybe some sock knitting today...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some spinning pictures

I had a lovely time meeting with some of my spinning guild on Wednesday. It was supposed to be a pool party but the rain kept us indoors.
It was nice to sit and just spin for a few hours and not feel guilty about it.
The new wheel was there (the one that we won from the Sheep to Shawl) and I can't wait to try it out some day.
I finished about 2 oz of my Pigeon Roof Studios "Delight" Merino/Silk roving.
It's dreamy.

I also wanted to post a picture of the "shawl" that I started knitting.
Um, I did the whole pattern and it's the size of a handkerchief:

(Chequebook in the background for scale)
THey said the pattern was knit with 100g of yarn (which I assumed was fingering weight) but maybe not.
So, I think I will need to rip it out and start again wtih something else.
I bit the bullet and bought the pattern for the Forest Canopy Shawl
I didn't really want to purchase a pattern-but everyone in blogland has raved about it and I thought it would be a good first time lace, and one that can be done with any gauge yarn.
So, I bougt the pattern was pleasantly surprised when the designer refunded half my money--not sure why--maybe she was having a sale??? I need to send her off an e-mail to inquire (self, send that e-mail now)

So, I have some more spinning to do, some shawl knitting to do and it's getting cooler around here so picking up that sweater should happen soon.

This is the last week for Princess B to be home before she starts school.
Every day she asks me how many more sleeps and it seems like just yesterday I was telling her 21 and now it's down to 9...
When did she get so big???

We had some fun at a free zoo this past weekend...trying to get all those last summer bit's of things in before Fall officially hits.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's the matter with me??

I've had finished sock pictures sitting on the computer since last weekend?
Bad blogger.

Ignore the shadow of my hand.
Look at the pretty socks

Oh, and I heard from my sock pal--she has the socks and they fit!!!
She did a much better job at photographing and blogging them, so go read her post here.

Right now I have no knitting mojo.
I've finished the socks I needed to, the sock that have been on my needles for far too long.
Handspun socks and lace socks and tencel socks and fleece artist socks.
I think I'm sock done, for now.
It's getting cooler out, maybe I can actually pick up my Ribbi Cardi and get a fall start on it.

What are you all knitting right now???

Friday, August 17, 2007

Drive by posting

The embossed leaves socks are done!!!
done done done

I will take some pictures tomorrow when there is daylight (posting at 12:19am)
but they are done.

They were started last October ( pathetic I know) with some beautiful yarn.
The problems started instantly--the skeins were horribly tangled and I would have to pick out knots for an hour in order to be able to knit 10 rows.
They started as Pomotomus, but then I got lost in the pattern and frogged it.
They have knots and parts where I had to cut the yarn and make new joins

But, they have been touched by the Harlot as seen here:

and forever will have some kind of sock-magic to them.
(I'm being silly, but It's 12 am and I will be getting up in a few hours to have one of the busiest days I have had in I'm a little giddy)

Monday, August 13, 2007


Originally uploaded by thechickswithsticks.

This is a picture of the item my sockapalooooza pal sent me.
She included little gifts for the kids and for hubby. The only thing missing from the picture is the pen set she sent for hubby.
What an awesome pal!!!!

I'm here

Haven't posted much, because it's actually been busy.
We were all sick with something last week so there wasn't much knitting.

I finished my Sockapalooooza socks and received mine from my pal.

I went to a Sheep to Shawl competition with my guild on Saturday--and WE WON!!!
We won a brand spankin' new Lendrum folding wheel!!

I have a blog set up for the guild, so you can see pictures here:

We also were at a corn roast, my sister visited this weekend and hubby got sick again.

Also, the stuff that I posted about here (the bad day post), is now revealed
The announcement was made at Church, that as of October 31st, hubby is out of a job.
The Church finances haven't been what they should and therefore cannot afford hubby's position any longer.
So, the job search begins.
When you are a Pastor, finding a job is not an easy one--usually it means leaving wherever you are and moving to available work.
We have some leads and there is much discussion to be had between now and then.
I've gone through anger, fear, sadness and back again and now am just waiting to see what God has in store for us next.

Anyways, more fibre-y stuff

I've started spinning some Pigeonroof Studios Merino/Silk, finished my shetland scarf (ha ha wait till you see that) and finally am going to finish my Embossed leaves socks.

I hope to be doing more dyeing now that we all feel better.

I will leave you with a pretty:

This is the Superwash version of that Lime and Violet and Black yarn.
I still can't think of a name....
Thanks for the suggestions though..

I'll leave you with the pretty picture, 'nuff said

Friday, August 10, 2007

Where have I been all week?

Oh yeah, we were all down with the flu.
Well, the kids only had it for 24 hours but hubby and I were sick all week.
We took turns napping and chasing children.

I did manage to get some dyeing done.
I have a friend who has bought some of my "Lime and Violet" and some "Sarah" yarn and her daughter wanted some too.
She like the "Lime and Violet" but wanted black in it, so this is what I did:

I think it turned out beautiful--and it's shiny.
Merino/Tencel oooooh shiny.
I have no idea what to call it, but it's pretty.
I was trying to think of something Lime and Violet-ish but can't think of anything.
I have another one done in the superwash that I hope to re-skein and put in the shop today.

Anyways, this weekend will be busy.
I'm going to a sheep to shawl competition tomorrow--my spinning guild wanted me to spin, but since I'm still a newbie and not sure about spinning from a freshly sheared sheep, i said no.
I am going to cheer, take pictures and support my guild though.

When I get home we are going to an annual corn roast/potluck which will make for a full day.
My sister is visiting her trailer this weekend too, so I hope to spend some time with her.

Happy weekend everyone!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sockapalooooza Socks

Sockapalooooza Socks
Originally uploaded by thechickswithsticks

Pattern: Leaves of Whimsy by Rebecca Mercier
from the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar
Yarn: My own Merino/Tencel in the "Grass" colourway.
Needles: Knitpicks Circulars US 1

These are the sock pal socks all done.

I checked the mail out dates and it's actually August 07th, so I'm all set.
I'm so glad they are finished.
I loved the pattern and it was my first time knitting with my own hand-dyed yarn (
It's a Merino/Tencel blend in the "Grass" colourway.

I love this pattern. It's well written, it's fun and easy to memorize. I got lost in the 16 pattern repeat in the beginning but later was able to identify the rows easily. It's one of those knits where when you finish one pattern repeat you can't wait to start again.

I love the heel:

I love that she continued the leaf pattern on the heel flap.

The leaves are pretty.

I'm happy with these socks and can't wait to share them with my pal.

They are blocking as we speak, to be shipped tomorrow.

and here is a picture of the Purple fibre I spun. Not sure what I will do with it--and there are parts where the ply has come out and it's all fuzzy, but I love it anyways.

I'm glad to be able to share pictures of these socks.

I sent a picture to the pattern writer as she wanted it for the gallery.

That is all for now.

I have been staying up way to late (and knit through the night until 5am in there too) and now I am needing some vegging out time.

Wrists are sore--so I will take a break for a couple of days.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

This day has been brought to you by the letter "P"

Purchased at the store first thing this morning:

and extra
Little man showed me that he really wasn't ready for a road trip with Daddy by becoming sick the moment he woke up.
I'm glad we stayed home.
2 baths and a lots of laundry later, he seems to be better.
P--is for Pasta--what we had for supper and the only thing he ate all day.
Play-is what we did all day
Pain--is what my wrists are feeling as I finish secret sock
Pictures tomorrow--I promise)
Play with yarn, I will do tonight
Purple: some spinning I finished (it was the little sample that Jacey (Insubordiknit) sent me.
It's my first time not plying--just going to leave it as singles. (a single??)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Some thanks

Thanks to all who have commented or e-mailed with support for my bad day.
Things will get better.

Okay, so in order to know wallow in myself--I have a list of thanks to give.

Coming home from vacation to packages is always fun.

Thanks to Kristi from Red Dog Knits for some yummy body butter.
She has started selling bath and body products and had a little contest asking about favourite scents.
I won!
So, she gifted me with some yummy lavender scented body butter and it's wonderful stuff.
Go see her blog
Go buy her stuff
(Plus she has the cutest twin sons!!!)

Thanks to deniasha from the Lime and Violet message boards.
She offered up some free needles on the message board.
So, I was expecting a couple of pairs.
I got and entire shipping envelope FULL of needles. Straights--all sizes, and colours.
I am thankful.
I don't really have a lot of straights (not that I use them a lot since I am Magic Loop Sock addicted) But I would like to have some in my stash.

Also, thanks to Jacey of Insubordiknit.
She was looking for a baby sling and I had one that was no longer needed.
We did a trade--I think I got the better end of the deal:

I've spun up most of the purple stuff in the couple of nights I've had's yummy.
Princess B immediately asked for me to knit her a Ballerina outfit out of it--I told her that it's not enough, but that Mommy would make her ballerina slippers or a purse. She's good with that.

I am going to be doing some dyeing soon--I have some ideas but needed to actually be home to get things done.
Supersecret sock is going along nicely--I've e-mailed my pal to let her know that it will be late and why.

I'm not going to show pictures--but I will show you the yarn:

It's my own Merino/Tencel in the "Grass" colourway.
It's my first time knitting my own yarn (silly me) and my first time with Merino/Tencel--and I like it.
So, that's about it for now.
I don't really have more pictures

I did finish my spinning for the Tour de Fleece. Being away, I didn't spin every day but I have not spun all of my Shetland batts and can start on my Spun Stitches shawl when these socks are done.
Why am I blogging?? I need to get 'a sockin'

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm here

just not blogging yet.
This week has been crazy again--back to day camp, back home at night....not much time to think or knit or blog.
Today was a bad day
Very bad.

More on that later
Just wanted you to know that I'm alive and I am knitting, but don't have a huge lot to show for it.