Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm here

Haven't posted much, because it's actually been busy.
We were all sick with something last week so there wasn't much knitting.

I finished my Sockapalooooza socks and received mine from my pal.

I went to a Sheep to Shawl competition with my guild on Saturday--and WE WON!!!
We won a brand spankin' new Lendrum folding wheel!!

I have a blog set up for the guild, so you can see pictures here:

We also were at a corn roast, my sister visited this weekend and hubby got sick again.

Also, the stuff that I posted about here (the bad day post), is now revealed
The announcement was made at Church, that as of October 31st, hubby is out of a job.
The Church finances haven't been what they should and therefore cannot afford hubby's position any longer.
So, the job search begins.
When you are a Pastor, finding a job is not an easy one--usually it means leaving wherever you are and moving to available work.
We have some leads and there is much discussion to be had between now and then.
I've gone through anger, fear, sadness and back again and now am just waiting to see what God has in store for us next.

Anyways, more fibre-y stuff

I've started spinning some Pigeonroof Studios Merino/Silk, finished my shetland scarf (ha ha wait till you see that) and finally am going to finish my Embossed leaves socks.

I hope to be doing more dyeing now that we all feel better.

I will leave you with a pretty:

This is the Superwash version of that Lime and Violet and Black yarn.
I still can't think of a name....
Thanks for the suggestions though..

I'll leave you with the pretty picture, 'nuff said