Friday, August 10, 2007

Where have I been all week?

Oh yeah, we were all down with the flu.
Well, the kids only had it for 24 hours but hubby and I were sick all week.
We took turns napping and chasing children.

I did manage to get some dyeing done.
I have a friend who has bought some of my "Lime and Violet" and some "Sarah" yarn and her daughter wanted some too.
She like the "Lime and Violet" but wanted black in it, so this is what I did:

I think it turned out beautiful--and it's shiny.
Merino/Tencel oooooh shiny.
I have no idea what to call it, but it's pretty.
I was trying to think of something Lime and Violet-ish but can't think of anything.
I have another one done in the superwash that I hope to re-skein and put in the shop today.

Anyways, this weekend will be busy.
I'm going to a sheep to shawl competition tomorrow--my spinning guild wanted me to spin, but since I'm still a newbie and not sure about spinning from a freshly sheared sheep, i said no.
I am going to cheer, take pictures and support my guild though.

When I get home we are going to an annual corn roast/potluck which will make for a full day.
My sister is visiting her trailer this weekend too, so I hope to spend some time with her.

Happy weekend everyone!!!!