Friday, August 03, 2007

Some thanks

Thanks to all who have commented or e-mailed with support for my bad day.
Things will get better.

Okay, so in order to know wallow in myself--I have a list of thanks to give.

Coming home from vacation to packages is always fun.

Thanks to Kristi from Red Dog Knits for some yummy body butter.
She has started selling bath and body products and had a little contest asking about favourite scents.
I won!
So, she gifted me with some yummy lavender scented body butter and it's wonderful stuff.
Go see her blog
Go buy her stuff
(Plus she has the cutest twin sons!!!)

Thanks to deniasha from the Lime and Violet message boards.
She offered up some free needles on the message board.
So, I was expecting a couple of pairs.
I got and entire shipping envelope FULL of needles. Straights--all sizes, and colours.
I am thankful.
I don't really have a lot of straights (not that I use them a lot since I am Magic Loop Sock addicted) But I would like to have some in my stash.

Also, thanks to Jacey of Insubordiknit.
She was looking for a baby sling and I had one that was no longer needed.
We did a trade--I think I got the better end of the deal:

I've spun up most of the purple stuff in the couple of nights I've had's yummy.
Princess B immediately asked for me to knit her a Ballerina outfit out of it--I told her that it's not enough, but that Mommy would make her ballerina slippers or a purse. She's good with that.

I am going to be doing some dyeing soon--I have some ideas but needed to actually be home to get things done.
Supersecret sock is going along nicely--I've e-mailed my pal to let her know that it will be late and why.

I'm not going to show pictures--but I will show you the yarn:

It's my own Merino/Tencel in the "Grass" colourway.
It's my first time knitting my own yarn (silly me) and my first time with Merino/Tencel--and I like it.
So, that's about it for now.
I don't really have more pictures

I did finish my spinning for the Tour de Fleece. Being away, I didn't spin every day but I have not spun all of my Shetland batts and can start on my Spun Stitches shawl when these socks are done.
Why am I blogging?? I need to get 'a sockin'