Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 wheels???

So, I'm posting this morning about my drive band breaking, figured out how to fix it (did it wrong, the band actually has to be put together ON the wheel, otherwise you just have a drive band that sits beside it, and that doesn't work)...... fixed it and then
Hubby comes home with this:

Another spinning wheel...
It was from a crafty shop downtown that the kids and I pass every day. I actually looked at it yesterday, saw the price and kept right on walking.
He saw it today (and had someone tell him about it) and brought it home as an early anniversary present (our anniversary is in October)
I love him.

Unfortunately the wheel doesn't work and I don't think CAN work w/out serious help.
There is a bobbin that seems to be stationary to the wheel (ie: you can't take it off) the orifice is very small and rusty and there is no whorl for the drive band---ie: the wheel may turn but won't turn the bobbin.
He was all hopeful about taking my Mother-of-All and putting it on this wheel, because the wheel itself is beautiful and spins nicely--but I said no deal.
I love my wheel.
I love that he built it for me.
I don't want another wheel (right now, and when I get one it will be a double treadle Lendrum. I heart Lendrum)
Poor guy.

So, just for public record:
My hubby is the greatest in the entire world.
He builds me a wheel
He buys me a wheel because he knows I like them.
He gives me a present 6 weeks early "just because"

So, I am sending him back to the store--which he's not looking forward too, but I told him to just blame me.....

Anybody want to buy an antique wheel???