Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chain chain chain...

chain of fools.
For 5 long months...I thought you were my yarn.

But I found out--you're just a link in my chain.

(song courtesy of the Commitments..if you know the real song and are singing it in your head, kudos to you)

I am a plyin' fool.

Here is the Spunky Eclectic Tahiti all finished and ready for it's photo shoot.
I decided to try my hand at Navajo ply again (hence the song title)...and loved it.
It makes for an interesting looking yarn and we'll see how this knits up.

Princess B was so excited that she snuggled the yarn first thing this morning (I do that too, must be genetic)
So, I think I am ready to start swatching and figuring out whether this will work for her felted slippers.
If I actually get them done and keep them away from her long enough, I could enter them in the Fall Fair which is next weekend.
I picked up a booklet yesterday to see about entering some handspun, but the way the categories go, I could only enter 1 skein.
So, since I haven't actually knit anything from my handspun, I should try to do that and up my entries.

Hubby tried to take the wheel back this morning, but the store was closed.
I emailed my guild to see if anyone was interested, but no response yet.
It will go back tomorrow.

I've started and finished a toe on little man's socks--not that he's interested. I was fudging the numbers for a Wendy's generic toe up and wanted to try them on--but he was no happy "no socks Mom".
The kids have been cranky the past 2 days--little man because he does not sleep and doesn't realize that makes a 2 y/old grumpy and Princess B because..she does not sleep.
She was put to bed at 7:30pm last night and was STILL singing in her room at 10pm when hubby went to bed. Sigh....
I hope school will wear her out enough that she will be tired, but not too fussy during the day...and sleep well at night.

Parents of new JK kids?? Does that happen??

We are having fun these last few days before school though--she helped me make bread in the bread machine today (best recipe ever) and she wore this for our daily walk downtown:

Tinkerbell outfit, complete with wings.

The ladies in the post office just giggle at her.
We also live in a huge tourist town, so there are lots of 'out of towners" that thought it interesting to see Tinkerbell walking through town.

Do any other fibre freaks do this?? (have yarn hanging all over that is??)

When I dye, I end up with yarn hanging everywhere to dry. We normally don't hang our keys here anyways, so it was a good spot.
That is all.
There are groceries to be bought, children to sleep (I hope) and a really gunky floor to wash.
So, blog time over--see you tomorrow