Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

If there is anyone reading this blog still (almost 3 months with no blog post...ick)

Happy New Year to you!

I know a lot of people have had a rough 2009--ours has been somewhat stressfull with some things going on with Aidan..but we are happy and settled with life right now..things could always be worse.

I'm not usually one to make resolutions...I aim to improve my life whenever I see the need... but this is a good spot to post some Knitting/Spinning goals.
(pictures to be added later)

This year saw me attending my first Knitting retreat--it wont' be my last!

I dyed yarn for another Sock Club and would welcome any opportunity to do so again.

I started a Wool/Fibre Club and that has been resurrected , starting in January for 2010.
(I have been asked to start a yarn club also..that is a big possibility!)

I aquired a floor loom and hope to get some time to use it very soon (tomorrow too soon??)


Knitting: Knit more from my handspun--that's the point of having handspun right? I always seem to have little bits..either not enough for a project, or too chunky for what I want..which leads me to my next goal

Spin: with intention for projects. Plan out my spinning and do my very best.
Learn some new techniques and practice them (ie; woolen long draw) bu at the same time have fun with my spinning--fun yarns, artistic yarns!

Process and spin my first sweater from a fleece (I have several fleeces sitting, waiting to be worked on--some a very generous donation from a friend, as well as one that I purchased with a specific sweater in mind)

Yarn in general: Dye in more volume and with inspiration. I see colours everywhere and get ideas for things that I don't jump on right away. I need to strike when the iron is hot and motivate myself to do better.


Learning: I want to do more in the garden, want to learn to weave and make some things, sew with patterns and make things that I will use!

What are your crafty goals??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blog, I have a blog?

Wow, 2 months...okay.
Let's just dive right back in.

There has been some Knitting--but I"m in Christmas Knit mode now, so no pictures.

There has been a lot of dyeing.
I got a new Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend that is dreamy..
Here's what I did on the first day:

and I tried some Masham wool--different..
Haven't spun this up yet, but I intend to!

Those are the pretty pictures for now..more Christmas Knitting pictures to follow after gifts have been given!