Monday, January 30, 2006

Just a little picture of the rainbow socks I knit for her Birthday. It was my first attempt at a short row heel and short row toe. Nothing fancy to them, but I think they are awesome with her new clear boots!! These are the ones she helped me knit.
I wish they made boots like that in my size!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I just had to snap a picture of this Koigu!! It's so beautiful.
It's been sitting just like this for a week--as I've been trying to get projects done for daughter's birthday. But, I finally mastered the short row sock a la Alison (it's going to be an ankle sock)
Thanks to my Sockapal2za buddy for this yarn!!! Wohoo. I hope to get them finished next week, and then start socks for my buddy--in Sockapalooza 3.
(Feb 07th note) OK I haven't even worked on them since..but I've made socks for daughter, a hat for daughter and a hat for my little to follow.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

the first for 2006!!

This is a project for me!! I went to a yarn shop in December (they were having a sale and I needed/wanted a project for me--as incentive to finish my Christmas knitting).
So, I bought this kit which was half off!! I have never made a vest before. I really like the light blue's kinda a mix of white with blue.

The chunky yarn knit up really quick on 8mm needles.

And by Monday night I had the front finished.....

Woohoo!! I was excited now.
Tuesday night...more knitting--almost finished the back..then realized I had not done all the increases like I was supposed to for the front...hmm...well let's just get it done and see how it matches up.
And, then I hit a big snag. Was binding off the last of the back and RAN OUT OF YARN!
I checked the bag, nope no more...checked the pattern which says it only needs 250g...
Sigh--so I frogged 6 rows and made my stitches a little tighter...and decided to end it on the knit row, rather than the purl.
So then I went back and did the same for the front..
So now I have a little bit of yarn left over..I'm scared to measure, but I dont' think I have enough to sew it together.....oh well...

At least I got B. interested in Knitting (She usually calls it "yarning").
She helped me roll the ball and then wanted to do some of her own..So I gave her some yarn and a needle and this is what we got....

The next picture is of her pushing the needle through the ball. She watched me put my needle through the vest before I frogged it, so maybe she thinks that's what knitting is.

Oh, and I also dove into my Koigu today. My first koigu!! I got it from my sock sister from Sockapaltwooza....I am now becoming just like every other knit-blogger that I read--I cast on "just to see" what it will look like...

Need to fix the vest first......