Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hourrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzz

I've been enjoying seeing peoples pictures of what they did for Earth Hour.

Wanna know what I did (I'm only answering this because someone asked)
I fell asleep.

I decided to go the extra mile and turned off everything possible (computers, space heaters, etc etc) I even turned the heat down for the night.
Hubby was tired, cold and windblown from being outside all day long so he had a hot bath and went to bed at 8. I read for a little bit and was tired too.
Aren't we exciting??

I am excited about this.
I signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008 and knit a little sock for a swap pal.

It's the cutest thing and now I want to make 100 of them.
So, tomorrow I will mail out my wee sock and someone will mail a wee sock to me....

Knit with Vespers "Strange Little Mama" yarn, leftovers from my Monkey Socks

There are already a whole bunch of little socks (Ravelry linkage) finished.
Non Ravelry people can see cute pictures here.

Knitting: I have another secret test knitting project on the go, and might be able to share pictures in a couple of weeks.

I finally spun up my December club fibre from Spunky Eclectic.
It's called "Party Dress" and Amy dyed it to resemble and 80's party dress--bright and funky.
It is that.

I did fractal spinning (from a back issue of Spin Off magazine, but I read about it online and in Ravelry and figured it out)--and I love the way it turned out.

I haven't set the twist yet--was too excited to take pictures:

Otherwise I am excited about Spring.
Little man's birthday is coming up.
Princess B will start her first ever swimming lessons and I get to go away for a Ladies retreat (for 1 day, but it will still be awesome)


It's TV turn off week also, so Princess B and I are talking about the things we want to do when Little Man is sleeping (usually that is quiet movie time for her, tea drinking and knitting for me).
Today it's cookies and she wants to help make dinner.
I am totally going to limit my TV also--just going to catch up LOST (2 episodes or so)--and hope to use the rest of the time for cleaning my house and dyeing some stuff.

I let the kids have 1 thing today and tomorrow will be nothing for Princess B and 1 thing for Little man (after all, he is 2 and doesn't get the concept and sometimes I do just need him to sit still while I cook or whatever)

Princess B is calling....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

We are participating -- are you????

Link to Earth Hour site
Canadian Sponsor site.

All the lights (except maybe Princess B's night light if she is still awake), computers, heaters, etc etc etc will be going off in t-minus 42 minutes.

I found this cool site to show energy usage on the 29th for 3 different BC, Canada areas...
Should be neat to see what happens!!!

I feel it...

Spring is coming.

My flowers are trying to grow--even through snowy patches.

We have Maple day here in our county.
Hubby is gone all day manning a booth for the Sk8park.
I was thinking today that I love our little area.
Even though we are small-ish--we are such a tourist-y area that there always seems to be something going on.
All over, today and tomorrow there are breakfasts, face painting, clowns, balloons, demonstrations and Maple food food food.
There are pony rides and wagon rides and demos at the many many maple sugar places around the county.
We might be able to take the kids tomorrow....
Princess B has a birthday party today.
The place where hubby is today has a mini farm aslo--horses and sheep (He already asked: they aren't fleece sheep--good man. I'm not sure their breed but I hope to see them when I pick him up at 4pm)

I am behind on my Spunky Club fibre spinning--I have almost finished December's .
It's totally wild and fun--and i did some fractal spinning (apparently from an issue of Spin Off magazine which I don't' own, but from reading around online I figured out what to do)
I hope to finish while little man sleeps today and then will have pictures.
I have no spun January or February's yet....and March's will be here next week sometime (it's slow shipping up here in the Great White North)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Frederick Koeing

I saw this on someones blog today and liked it.

Happiness is:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Other Fo's

Thanks all for your comments on my sweater.
I hope to get an actual photo shoot today so you can really see it.

I thought I would post some other pictures of things that have been finished.
I made a nosewarmer for Princess B out of the same handspun (not mine) that I made her pink mittens out of...she loves it and wore it to school.
We went to Tim's one day for a doughnut when it was freezing rain and cold walking home from school and it actually got some comments while we waited in line.

She kept laughing when I took her picture and making funny chicken noises, so the pictures aren't of her natural face:

and another FO which is not mine, but still pretty exciting.
Janna finished her first wearable project--a Hat!!
She's only been knitting for about 3 weeks or so and this is her first real project.
Here she is on the last row:

the last stitch:

and the moment it was completed

Great job Janna!

I am off to "the city" to find a zipper today...wahoo.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

If you want to destroy my sweater...

don't, because I will cry.

It's done
It's done it's done it's done it's done
it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done

I have a few new leads on I will find one, but for now I am happy that it's done and I can wear it.

Did I mention it's done??

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally some pictures.

So, you blog skimmers can stop skimming and read.

New stuff:

You know the pattern
Regia Canadiana
US 2--Knitpicks a la Magic Loop

I've knit 2.5 nights on these--the pattern is totally addictive.
This will be the first pair for me that I can actually wear. My other pair got felted when I washed them in cold...

I had some shop sales while I was gone and when I went to package up some orders I found this skein, which I honestly don't remember.
I found it yesterday so It must be a St Patrick's Day thing.
It actually is in my Irish Colourway:

I had hoped to do a bunch of dyeing last night, buy Princess B decided to stay up for an extra hour and half (I'm hot can I have my fan, My fan is too cold can you turn it down, Can I have a blanket, Can I not have my blanket??)--so I just cleaned up and knit.

Tonight is craft night at Janna's--and she will likely finish her hat.
I have another test knit to start for Chrissy Gardiner, so I might get to swatching soon.

Spinning--I'm dyeing to do some but need some time at night to do it. My fingers were itching to spin while at my sister's last week.
I was ogling art yarn on Ravelry and it made me nuts.

So how did Easter get to be this weekend?? I've had some discussions recently about why Easter changes from year to year (March, April) and found an interesting read here.
We aren't doing anything family-wise for Easter.
Having Church, a potluck, a sleepover, Church and maybe some more egg hunting and baskets....

Anyways--I'm glad to be able to post some pictures.
This one makes me sad:

This is our Honda--which we donated to Teen Challenge. We bought this car (my first car purchase) 3 days after returning from our honeymoon.
We've had the car 8.5 years and it's been a good little car. 2 engines, multiple mufflers, 360,000kms later.....

Anyways--I hope to show off Ribbi Cardi very soon and then plan what I'm going to do about a zipper.

Friday, March 14, 2008


am here and am happy--just no blogging because I don't have any pictures to share!
We went looking for a zipper for Ribbi Cardi but didn't' find one.

We have been having fun with the kids....having no so much fun with the kids (tired kids and kids that run away in stores and go missing.....)

We haven't had opportunity to do much but it's been nice to just sit at night and knit and watch TV and talk knitting, blogging, ravelry, podcasts and techniques with someone who gets it.

We had a nice girls night with some ladies from my sister's Church and I am almost halfway done a Jaywalker sock (had to frog it X2 when the cuff was twisted and then too huge)

I am hoping we might get to a yarn store tomorrow--but we shall see.

Hubby is coming to get us on Sunday and we hope to have a mini-Easter Sunday for dinner (since we won't be together in 2 weeks--2 weeks?? Easter is in 2 weeks???)


Monday, March 10, 2008

Ribbi Cardi

is done...
Done done done.

Well, the knitting part is done, almost.
All pieces are knit.
I just have to block it, seam it, knit the collar and bands and install the zipper...
But hopefully my sister and I are going out to get a zipper today...and the blocking will commence once little man naps we're good to go...

(oh, and I have a ton of yarn left over so I'm thinking of making some mittens to go with it....
Bird in the Hand has been calling my name)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look ma, a real post

So I have been knitting, I have been doing some spinning I have been climbing laundry mountain because we are leaving tomorrow...
I am going to my sister's for March Break again.
See the picture in the post??

It's the Ribbi Cardi--yes, it's from last year!
I have now finished 2 sleeves, the back and half of the front left panel--so it will be done soon--it will be seamed while I am gone but I may not get pictures as hubby will likely have the camera as he is going to Florida with work.
He gets to go to warm weather, Disney, the beach, shopping, St Augustine etc etc while we get to have another snow dump.....hmm..
oh well--there at least will be knitting, and tea drinking and knitting....


I found this

on Etsy, here.
Go and buy one.

Really good dinner last night:

Tandoori Chicken, Hummus, Papadums, Bhindi Subji...
sooo good.
Princess B liked it as I told here we were having Pink Chicken for dinner.
I am so excited about leftovers for lunch today.

Oh and the test knit that I was doing, can be seen here.
I'm not going to post my picture yet as I made a modification that is not quite done.
Pictures to come.

I found these while doing up the laundry:

They don't look too bad--no real signs of wear which is good.
There are a few people on Ravelry who have made the pattern....which is neat.

My brain is totally random which is a good time for me to log off. I will be able to post while I'm gone but may not have pictures..which makes for boring bloggy.

I am off to pack my knitting--which is the thing I've put most thought into!
Go figure....

Just bloggin' again

81 words

Speed test

Sunday, March 02, 2008

just bloggin

Which Alice in Wonderland character are YOU?
created with
You scored as Alice

You scored Alice! You are kind-hearted and curious and give yourself very good advice, but seldom follow it, which leads you into trouble. You always try to be courteous and polite, but you become cross when people speak in nonsense to you and scold them sharply.



The Dormouse


A Playing Card


Mad Hatter


Queen of Hearts






The White Rabbit


Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum






Cheshire Cat


March Hare





I am in full winter blahs--the snow--it just keeps coming--we got another 5-10cm on Friday night just when I was heading into "town" (actually another city which is 1/2 hour away) to see a movie (The Other Boleyn Girl---sooo good)...and then today? the snow is almost melted....

The monkeys are getting restless too. Little man is slowly growing out of his hitting phase but they are still fighting which is making for a cranky Mommy.
But then you get this face:

and it makes my heart go all gooey.

but it's March--which means only a few more weeks of snow/winter and then it will smell like dirt and worms--wahoo!!

Some pretties:
I wanted to spin some thick and thin (my first) and used my Pink is the New Black basic wool:

I fulled it within an inch of it's life so the thick parts won't be going anywhere.
I think it would make an awesome hat.

The Pumpkin Cappuccino yarn is done and set:

It truly isn't that orange looking--but with my camera, you get grey or you get really coloured.
*note to self--tweak your pictures before you post them*

aaaah that's better....

It's my second attempt at a 3 ply and I like it. 2 bobbins ended at the same length--which was very cool and the back mini skein is singles left over that I navajo plyed.

I need to get dyeing and put some stuff up in my shop--just when my bank account dips down I get another sale--which makes me smile :)
I am feeling well--which is good, except for the monster headache today that made me fall asleep right after Church w/out lunch and has kept me sitting and knitting this afternoon while we all snuggled and watched a movie. (Over the Hedge, which is a kids movie but so funny)

Ribbi Cardi picture as of Thursday:

I'm almost on the arm shaping for the back, which I think I shall tackle tonight.

Friday was super cold in the afternoon and walking Princess B home was numbing.
She kept saying that her face was cold but didn't want to put her scarf over her mouth.
So, I found the same pink yarn that I knit her mittens from and made her the nose warmer from Knitty.
Too cute!