Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hourrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzz

I've been enjoying seeing peoples pictures of what they did for Earth Hour.

Wanna know what I did (I'm only answering this because someone asked)
I fell asleep.

I decided to go the extra mile and turned off everything possible (computers, space heaters, etc etc) I even turned the heat down for the night.
Hubby was tired, cold and windblown from being outside all day long so he had a hot bath and went to bed at 8. I read for a little bit and was tired too.
Aren't we exciting??

I am excited about this.
I signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008 and knit a little sock for a swap pal.

It's the cutest thing and now I want to make 100 of them.
So, tomorrow I will mail out my wee sock and someone will mail a wee sock to me....

Knit with Vespers "Strange Little Mama" yarn, leftovers from my Monkey Socks

There are already a whole bunch of little socks (Ravelry linkage) finished.
Non Ravelry people can see cute pictures here.

Knitting: I have another secret test knitting project on the go, and might be able to share pictures in a couple of weeks.

I finally spun up my December club fibre from Spunky Eclectic.
It's called "Party Dress" and Amy dyed it to resemble and 80's party dress--bright and funky.
It is that.

I did fractal spinning (from a back issue of Spin Off magazine, but I read about it online and in Ravelry and figured it out)--and I love the way it turned out.

I haven't set the twist yet--was too excited to take pictures:

Otherwise I am excited about Spring.
Little man's birthday is coming up.
Princess B will start her first ever swimming lessons and I get to go away for a Ladies retreat (for 1 day, but it will still be awesome)


It's TV turn off week also, so Princess B and I are talking about the things we want to do when Little Man is sleeping (usually that is quiet movie time for her, tea drinking and knitting for me).
Today it's cookies and she wants to help make dinner.
I am totally going to limit my TV also--just going to catch up LOST (2 episodes or so)--and hope to use the rest of the time for cleaning my house and dyeing some stuff.

I let the kids have 1 thing today and tomorrow will be nothing for Princess B and 1 thing for Little man (after all, he is 2 and doesn't get the concept and sometimes I do just need him to sit still while I cook or whatever)

Princess B is calling....