Friday, March 14, 2008


am here and am happy--just no blogging because I don't have any pictures to share!
We went looking for a zipper for Ribbi Cardi but didn't' find one.

We have been having fun with the kids....having no so much fun with the kids (tired kids and kids that run away in stores and go missing.....)

We haven't had opportunity to do much but it's been nice to just sit at night and knit and watch TV and talk knitting, blogging, ravelry, podcasts and techniques with someone who gets it.

We had a nice girls night with some ladies from my sister's Church and I am almost halfway done a Jaywalker sock (had to frog it X2 when the cuff was twisted and then too huge)

I am hoping we might get to a yarn store tomorrow--but we shall see.

Hubby is coming to get us on Sunday and we hope to have a mini-Easter Sunday for dinner (since we won't be together in 2 weeks--2 weeks?? Easter is in 2 weeks???)