Monday, March 24, 2008

Other Fo's

Thanks all for your comments on my sweater.
I hope to get an actual photo shoot today so you can really see it.

I thought I would post some other pictures of things that have been finished.
I made a nosewarmer for Princess B out of the same handspun (not mine) that I made her pink mittens out of...she loves it and wore it to school.
We went to Tim's one day for a doughnut when it was freezing rain and cold walking home from school and it actually got some comments while we waited in line.

She kept laughing when I took her picture and making funny chicken noises, so the pictures aren't of her natural face:

and another FO which is not mine, but still pretty exciting.
Janna finished her first wearable project--a Hat!!
She's only been knitting for about 3 weeks or so and this is her first real project.
Here she is on the last row:

the last stitch:

and the moment it was completed

Great job Janna!

I am off to "the city" to find a zipper today...wahoo.