Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally some pictures.

So, you blog skimmers can stop skimming and read.

New stuff:

You know the pattern
Regia Canadiana
US 2--Knitpicks a la Magic Loop

I've knit 2.5 nights on these--the pattern is totally addictive.
This will be the first pair for me that I can actually wear. My other pair got felted when I washed them in cold...

I had some shop sales while I was gone and when I went to package up some orders I found this skein, which I honestly don't remember.
I found it yesterday so It must be a St Patrick's Day thing.
It actually is in my Irish Colourway:

I had hoped to do a bunch of dyeing last night, buy Princess B decided to stay up for an extra hour and half (I'm hot can I have my fan, My fan is too cold can you turn it down, Can I have a blanket, Can I not have my blanket??)--so I just cleaned up and knit.

Tonight is craft night at Janna's--and she will likely finish her hat.
I have another test knit to start for Chrissy Gardiner, so I might get to swatching soon.

Spinning--I'm dyeing to do some but need some time at night to do it. My fingers were itching to spin while at my sister's last week.
I was ogling art yarn on Ravelry and it made me nuts.

So how did Easter get to be this weekend?? I've had some discussions recently about why Easter changes from year to year (March, April) and found an interesting read here.
We aren't doing anything family-wise for Easter.
Having Church, a potluck, a sleepover, Church and maybe some more egg hunting and baskets....

Anyways--I'm glad to be able to post some pictures.
This one makes me sad:

This is our Honda--which we donated to Teen Challenge. We bought this car (my first car purchase) 3 days after returning from our honeymoon.
We've had the car 8.5 years and it's been a good little car. 2 engines, multiple mufflers, 360,000kms later.....

Anyways--I hope to show off Ribbi Cardi very soon and then plan what I'm going to do about a zipper.