Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look ma, a real post

So I have been knitting, I have been doing some spinning I have been climbing laundry mountain because we are leaving tomorrow...
I am going to my sister's for March Break again.
See the picture in the post??

It's the Ribbi Cardi--yes, it's from last year!
I have now finished 2 sleeves, the back and half of the front left panel--so it will be done soon--it will be seamed while I am gone but I may not get pictures as hubby will likely have the camera as he is going to Florida with work.
He gets to go to warm weather, Disney, the beach, shopping, St Augustine etc etc while we get to have another snow dump.....hmm..
oh well--there at least will be knitting, and tea drinking and knitting....


I found this

on Etsy, here.
Go and buy one.

Really good dinner last night:

Tandoori Chicken, Hummus, Papadums, Bhindi Subji...
sooo good.
Princess B liked it as I told here we were having Pink Chicken for dinner.
I am so excited about leftovers for lunch today.

Oh and the test knit that I was doing, can be seen here.
I'm not going to post my picture yet as I made a modification that is not quite done.
Pictures to come.

I found these while doing up the laundry:

They don't look too bad--no real signs of wear which is good.
There are a few people on Ravelry who have made the pattern....which is neat.

My brain is totally random which is a good time for me to log off. I will be able to post while I'm gone but may not have pictures..which makes for boring bloggy.

I am off to pack my knitting--which is the thing I've put most thought into!
Go figure....