Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am in full winter blahs--the snow--it just keeps coming--we got another 5-10cm on Friday night just when I was heading into "town" (actually another city which is 1/2 hour away) to see a movie (The Other Boleyn Girl---sooo good)...and then today? the snow is almost melted....

The monkeys are getting restless too. Little man is slowly growing out of his hitting phase but they are still fighting which is making for a cranky Mommy.
But then you get this face:

and it makes my heart go all gooey.

but it's March--which means only a few more weeks of snow/winter and then it will smell like dirt and worms--wahoo!!

Some pretties:
I wanted to spin some thick and thin (my first) and used my Pink is the New Black basic wool:

I fulled it within an inch of it's life so the thick parts won't be going anywhere.
I think it would make an awesome hat.

The Pumpkin Cappuccino yarn is done and set:

It truly isn't that orange looking--but with my camera, you get grey or you get really coloured.
*note to self--tweak your pictures before you post them*

aaaah that's better....

It's my second attempt at a 3 ply and I like it. 2 bobbins ended at the same length--which was very cool and the back mini skein is singles left over that I navajo plyed.

I need to get dyeing and put some stuff up in my shop--just when my bank account dips down I get another sale--which makes me smile :)
I am feeling well--which is good, except for the monster headache today that made me fall asleep right after Church w/out lunch and has kept me sitting and knitting this afternoon while we all snuggled and watched a movie. (Over the Hedge, which is a kids movie but so funny)

Ribbi Cardi picture as of Thursday:

I'm almost on the arm shaping for the back, which I think I shall tackle tonight.

Friday was super cold in the afternoon and walking Princess B home was numbing.
She kept saying that her face was cold but didn't want to put her scarf over her mouth.
So, I found the same pink yarn that I knit her mittens from and made her the nose warmer from Knitty.
Too cute!