Monday, July 30, 2007

Home, laundry and more campin'

We're back.
We have hundreds of pictures--yes hundreds.
I will not bore you with all the pics of all the stuff that is non knitting related.

A review of my week:
Family: lots
Swimming: daily
Knitting: half a sock
Reading: 2 books
Kid injuries: 4, or so
Mosquito to people ratio: 1,000:1
Fun: tons!

I will leave you with one picture which is my favourite place to be at the cottage..and was only experienced in small doses as we were only an island with 2 little people:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gone fishin'

Well, there may be some fishing.
We are leaving tomorrow for my MIL's cottage for a week.
When I return, I will have company a waitin' and another week of camp.
The crazy busy has not stopped--but it's all going by so fast.
In about 6 weeks, Princess B will start school (*sniff, sniff*) and life will never be the same.

So, I'm off to knit, read, lay in a hammock for a few minutes, chase children around an island, fish, boat and spend time with family.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Still on the sock high...

or is it the headache drugs???
Woke up this morning with a raging headache--the kind that makes you want to whimper and cry and lay on the bathroom floor because it's cold (if you've never done this, then ignore what i'm writing and skip to the pictures)
So--2 advil, a gravol,a bag of frozen vegetables on my head (don't laugh, it works) and a 2 hour nap and I feel a bit better.
Things are a little fuzzy still, which would explain my sock pictures today.

I think they are fuzzy, but they also look clear to me....

Nothing better when it's cold and your head feels like a squashed grape, then nice warm NEW hand-knit socks.

So, I think I need to wait until the sun shines to get some better pictures.
For now, I'm off to cast on more socks!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

So close.

cant' blog...sock knitting.
I am so close to finishing Elfine that I don't' want to jinx it.
I have ripped back this 2nd sock about 10 times--for the toe, for the foot and for the leg.
I've messed up the stitch count, messed up rows etc etc etc
Things are going swimmingly right now and I will finish tonight..
Pictures tomorrow.

just keep knitting, just keep knitting

10:00pm THEY ARE DONE!!
bad pictures due to no natural light, but they are done!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yarn aboard

This will all be about yarn and spinning fibre.

Yarnahoy is having a sale over at her Etsy store. Fill out a survey and get 20% off.
I've never ordered from her before--but after having a little glitch in the survey, she provided some awesome customer service and was very sweet about the whole thing.
Go get yarn.
My stuff is the Firedancers one, seen here.

Also, Jacey posted on her blog about needing a Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carrier) and offered some yarn/fibre for swapping.
I have one, that has been hanging around this house far too long and so I offered it to her.
She is sending me 2 braids of her hand-dyed fibre (wooohoo)
(yeah for the Internet, and yeah for fibre)

I dyed up some of my Merino/Tencel last night and am awaiting the sun to shine to get some decent pictures.
The forecast says it will rain every day from now until Thursday (Ugh)

I also finished a yarn that I dyed for my friend, and was going to name it "Kevin" as the colours were based on a shirt he wore---but the orange came out a little too salmon and..
what do you think??

The ones I did last night are solids.
I was inspired:
I think this one will be Coffee Bean or Chocolate, or maybe Chocolate Coffee Bean

Bubble Gum

Poolside (it's the colour of my Pool)

The other one is just green and I'm calling it Grass-but it's not taking a good picture today.

In other news, Princess B helped me spin this morning and Daddy got some good pictures:

She had fun but wondered if the roving was still "stinky like the sheep".

Happy Saturday!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This time with pictures

Some updates:
Elfine sock progress:

Can you see the difference in the colours in the socks--one knit from
either end of the skein????

My Spun Stitches update:

I have half of my Shetland roving spun and plied and started swatching for a shawl.
I started one, but didn't like it, so now I am trying this.

My Tour de Fleece update:

It's the other half of my Shetland roving
(nice that I can use the Shetland for two KAL's that I'm part of!!!)

And a picture of Princess B "sleeping hard".

(She actually has stayed awake since 3am this morning, her fever is almost gone, but it finally caught up with her)
I got some spinning done, but little man decided to sleep less than an hour and now is calling to me.


38C (100F) the temperature outside at 4pm last evening
39.7 (103.4) the temperature of my 4 y/old when she woke me at 3am

less than 4, the number of hours of sleep i got last night
(daughter decided not to go back to sleep after 3am. What 4 y/old can keep herself awake ALL night?? She's still up, and happy)

37, 951.9= the yardage of undyed yarn in my big box or roughly
100 skeins

45= the approximate number of rows I did on the Elfine socks last night
45= the approximate number of rows left to finish the pair!!

4= days left in the L&V Sock Marathon
4=weeks left to start/finish my Sockapalooooza socks

I have numbers on the brain
I am trying to figure out the yardage and cost per skein for all my yarn blanks.
I don't have math brain.

My dad was a banker/finance guy--so I emailed him questions about yarn (tee hee)

I think the lack of sleep and heat is finally getting to me.
I will post some pictures later.

Monday, July 09, 2007

What I did....

on my summer vacation.

A little of this:
*Sock finishing*

and i worked on Elfine.
I have no idea why these are taking me so long---I had to rip out the second sock about 4 times due to me mis-counting the stitches--but now am almost at the heel.

Some of this:

(friend, sister, cousin, new acquaintance)

Some of this:

as well as lots of food, family, friends, birthday parties, traveling, kids camp, campfires, s'mores, mosquitoes, thunderstorms at the beach, lace knitting, knitting in church, swatching, reading, being lazy, knitting with: my sister, cousin and friends.

It was a crazy week last week.
So. much. fun.

So tired. So much laundry.
Hubby goes back to work tomorrow. It's been great. It's been all about Daddy this past week.

Things will be getting back to normal tomorrow. There will be lots of cleaning, more company this weekend and I hope to break into that box of yarn!!

I'll leave you with tonights dinner:

Crazy good ribs.
My friend has the recipe on his family blog, as well as a bunch of other recipes.
Go check it out.
Happy Knitting.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Eye candy

Well, for me, eye candy is a good mail day.

So--yesterday when we came home we had a delivery sticker on the door. I was excited because that, to me, meant that my first big wholesale yarn shipment was coming.
Then I went to the post office today and got this:

That's 26 pounds of yarn.
I didn't originally want that much, but the way the cones are weighed, that's what it ended up being.
This is what it looks like inside:

This is what the shipping was:

and my (*grrrrrr*) customs payment:

but the delivery package was still waiting for me.
This was the surprise:

YEAH!! It's here!!
December 05th 2008:

I'm excited.

So, I'm home for a few minutes (again) and am off (again).
I'll try to do some catching up this weekend and show you what we've been up to.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

an FO and a good-bye

I'm at the house for a few minutes, and then we're off again.

The handspun socks are done:

I finished sewing the bindoff of the cuff Monday afternoon--after a lovely afternoon of sitting and knitting with my sister and my cousin.
They enjoyed themselves at the beach yesterday:

I love them and I want to wear them all the time!!!.

G'bye again
We're off to Ottawa for my FIL's birthday party.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm still here...

just not blogging much as we are at Camp all week.
We drive in for 9am and come home at 9:30pm or so. (It's a Campground, but we don't have a trailer. We drive in for the kids programs and to hang out and go to the beach, evening service and then home)

I am knitting--finished the handspun socks this afternoon.
Had to frog back the toe on the 2nd Elfine socks (for the 3rd time--my stitch count keeps messing up and i get extra stitches in the lace pattern..)
Started a swatch for the Picovoli--but can't get gauge
Started a shawl with my handspun Shetland--but I think the pattern is ugly so I'm going to rip it out and do this.

Help, I have knitting ADD.

Had a lovely afternoon sittin' knittin' with my sister and my cousin.

Cute picture of the kids from Canada Day:
This is Princess B wearing a silly hat and dancing around singing "I'm a flag, I'm a flag!"

Mister A is so excited, that's why his eyes are closed. Or because it's POURING rain and they were getting wet. Or he's finished his cotton candy sugar crash and is past his nap time.
It was a fun day!!

Hopefully I can get some pictures taken of my socks...