Wednesday, July 11, 2007


38C (100F) the temperature outside at 4pm last evening
39.7 (103.4) the temperature of my 4 y/old when she woke me at 3am

less than 4, the number of hours of sleep i got last night
(daughter decided not to go back to sleep after 3am. What 4 y/old can keep herself awake ALL night?? She's still up, and happy)

37, 951.9= the yardage of undyed yarn in my big box or roughly
100 skeins

45= the approximate number of rows I did on the Elfine socks last night
45= the approximate number of rows left to finish the pair!!

4= days left in the L&V Sock Marathon
4=weeks left to start/finish my Sockapalooooza socks

I have numbers on the brain
I am trying to figure out the yardage and cost per skein for all my yarn blanks.
I don't have math brain.

My dad was a banker/finance guy--so I emailed him questions about yarn (tee hee)

I think the lack of sleep and heat is finally getting to me.
I will post some pictures later.