Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yarn aboard

This will all be about yarn and spinning fibre.

Yarnahoy is having a sale over at her Etsy store. Fill out a survey and get 20% off.
I've never ordered from her before--but after having a little glitch in the survey, she provided some awesome customer service and was very sweet about the whole thing.
Go get yarn.
My stuff is the Firedancers one, seen here.

Also, Jacey posted on her blog about needing a Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carrier) and offered some yarn/fibre for swapping.
I have one, that has been hanging around this house far too long and so I offered it to her.
She is sending me 2 braids of her hand-dyed fibre (wooohoo)
(yeah for the Internet, and yeah for fibre)

I dyed up some of my Merino/Tencel last night and am awaiting the sun to shine to get some decent pictures.
The forecast says it will rain every day from now until Thursday (Ugh)

I also finished a yarn that I dyed for my friend, and was going to name it "Kevin" as the colours were based on a shirt he wore---but the orange came out a little too salmon and..
what do you think??

The ones I did last night are solids.
I was inspired:
I think this one will be Coffee Bean or Chocolate, or maybe Chocolate Coffee Bean

Bubble Gum

Poolside (it's the colour of my Pool)

The other one is just green and I'm calling it Grass-but it's not taking a good picture today.

In other news, Princess B helped me spin this morning and Daddy got some good pictures:

She had fun but wondered if the roving was still "stinky like the sheep".

Happy Saturday!!!