Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm still here...

just not blogging much as we are at Camp all week.
We drive in for 9am and come home at 9:30pm or so. (It's a Campground, but we don't have a trailer. We drive in for the kids programs and to hang out and go to the beach, evening service and then home)

I am knitting--finished the handspun socks this afternoon.
Had to frog back the toe on the 2nd Elfine socks (for the 3rd time--my stitch count keeps messing up and i get extra stitches in the lace pattern..)
Started a swatch for the Picovoli--but can't get gauge
Started a shawl with my handspun Shetland--but I think the pattern is ugly so I'm going to rip it out and do this.

Help, I have knitting ADD.

Had a lovely afternoon sittin' knittin' with my sister and my cousin.

Cute picture of the kids from Canada Day:
This is Princess B wearing a silly hat and dancing around singing "I'm a flag, I'm a flag!"

Mister A is so excited, that's why his eyes are closed. Or because it's POURING rain and they were getting wet. Or he's finished his cotton candy sugar crash and is past his nap time.
It was a fun day!!

Hopefully I can get some pictures taken of my socks...