Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This time with pictures

Some updates:
Elfine sock progress:

Can you see the difference in the colours in the socks--one knit from
either end of the skein????

My Spun Stitches update:

I have half of my Shetland roving spun and plied and started swatching for a shawl.
I started one, but didn't like it, so now I am trying this.

My Tour de Fleece update:

It's the other half of my Shetland roving
(nice that I can use the Shetland for two KAL's that I'm part of!!!)

And a picture of Princess B "sleeping hard".

(She actually has stayed awake since 3am this morning, her fever is almost gone, but it finally caught up with her)
I got some spinning done, but little man decided to sleep less than an hour and now is calling to me.