Wednesday, April 26, 2006

plugging away

am knitting knitting knitting those gusset increases and it doesn't feel like i will ever be finished!
i have spent more hours unravelling knots than anything else...i don't know how this hank got so tangled maybe my little "winding apprentice" needs a Trump-ism (y'know, "You're fired!")
i will keep plugging.
my other fear is that these socks will be really huge. i know her feet are longer than mine, but i am hoping that she won't have to wear one sock for two feet with what it looks like now!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Babies Babies Babies

oooh I am loving these little booties!!!

They are from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" and once I figured out the pattern I was just flying.
when I made the first teal coloured one, I didn't realize that I had to open up the I thought I had a bootie with a flat duck-like toe...I was pretty frustrated until I realized that I was the silly one and hadn't finished the directions.
who knew!!
so cool!!
it knits flat, and then opens up!!
so, the teal coloured ones are the practice ones, and the only mohair that I had in the house.
the pink and soon-to-be-finished purple ones are for the new twins that were born to friends of mine on tuesday. yeah...babies babies babies!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

no posting

stomach virus' abound at my house...isn't it nice to share.
as soon as i can be vertical for longer thatn 5 minutes, i will share some cute little things i have made in the past couple of days...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

some actual knitting content

i finished the SIL's socks, mailed them off and got started on my toe up jaywalkers.
haven't done much on them, as life had been busy and i've been trying to make a birthday present for the boy, who turns 1 today!!!

i am liking the way these socks are turning out, although am worried i will get the size wrong.
her feet are larger than mine, and i know i will measure measure measure...but you never know until she gets them.
it's my first toe up sock and my first provisional cast on!
i am liking it!
daughter wanted to get in on the feet action.
the camera ran out of battery and space after this was shot, so although the picture isn't the greatest, it will have to do for now.

Friday, April 07, 2006

stick a fork in me...

i'm done!!!
i've woven in the ends, checked and re-checked them...had some splitting in the yarn (remember, daughter with scissors??) but it all worked out okay. relieved.
i will be mailing them tomorrow...
so, for all you sock knitters out there...are you there?
do you block your socks?? i am not going to, and haven't before...but it begs the question:
does blocking socks actually do anything?
if so, what? anyone who responds....

Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina.
Yarn: Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra in "Deep Blue Sea" from Earthfaire
Needles: 1 24" US size 2 circular (a new technique for me!)
Dates: March-April 2006
For my sister-in-law. (Late) Birthday present.
I love this pattern!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

wow has it been that long???

i haven't posted anything in a week, likely because i really haven't knit in almost that long.
hubby was away last weekend and i thought i'd get it finished...didn't...
the kids seemed to know something was amiss and decided not to sleep....
the baby is teething i think and hasn't had a decent nap in almost a week.
i have made some the one day i've had to knit this week i went from having an inch done to almost finishing...just haven't picked it up since...
need to finish need to finish need to finish ...
there's still a sweater for my little guy, a friend who's having another set of twins (yes that's what i said), and my sock pal socks to the next couple of weeks.
Sung to the tune of bob the builder: "Can she do it" "Yes she can!!!"