Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Muffin Tin Monday

This one was fun (again, as always!).
I took inspiration from the ones already posted (such creativity!)

How do you make ordinary meatloaf, veggies and potato fun??

Turn it into a "Muffin Tin Monday" meal

From top L-R
12 Drummers drumming (pretzel sticks)
11 Pipers piping (i totally stole this--mashed potatoes "piped in" with a piping bag)
10 Lords a Leaping (what makes my daughter leap with joy? candy! sugar!) (Jujubes)
9 Ladies Dancing (Musical notes made with fruit leather)
8 Maids a Milking (Milk)
7 Swans a Swimming (Meatloaf, packaged in a tin foil swan ;) )
6 Geese a Laying (Slice of Egg)
5 Golden Rings (Ring cookie)
4 calling birds (Chicken wing)
3 French Hens (French cut Green Beans)
2 Turtle Doves (Turtle chocolate)
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree (sliced pear)


The Princess was happy!

My son got all the same food, but he doesn't like his food in the muffin tin ;)

(p.s. It looks like a lot of food--its little bites of everything--I actually find that she eats more when it's Muffin Tin Monday. She ate everything except couldn't' finish her chicken wing. She also has to wait for the chocolate/candy part until she's finished the rest)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday blog can be found here

I have participated in Muffin Tin Monday's once before and had a blast. I just had forgot all about it. I "liked" the page on fb and saw that today was "Holiday" theme. There were already some great ideas posted and that got me thinking.
I was planning meatballs and rice anyways and after that, it was easy.
I put 3 meatballs together to make "snowmen" but ended up making better snowmen for dessert.

Meatballs (which I joked with my daughter was Reindeer poop), Rice=snow, Sliced carrots=Snowmen noses, Beans=Evergreen boughs.
I then cut up a waffle to try to make it look like a Christmas tree (I tried, it kinda worked)--completed with a star on top.

The best was dessert
A marshmallow snowman with pretzels for arms, chocolate sprinkles for eyes, small piece of carrot for a nose, a black gumpdrop cut up for the hat and held together with a thin piece of spaghetti inside!

The snowman was laid on top of some "Christmas lights"--cut up chocolate marshmallow square.

It was fun, Princess loved it and is begging me to do it again next week.