Friday, July 06, 2007

Eye candy

Well, for me, eye candy is a good mail day.

So--yesterday when we came home we had a delivery sticker on the door. I was excited because that, to me, meant that my first big wholesale yarn shipment was coming.
Then I went to the post office today and got this:

That's 26 pounds of yarn.
I didn't originally want that much, but the way the cones are weighed, that's what it ended up being.
This is what it looks like inside:

This is what the shipping was:

and my (*grrrrrr*) customs payment:

but the delivery package was still waiting for me.
This was the surprise:

YEAH!! It's here!!
December 05th 2008:

I'm excited.

So, I'm home for a few minutes (again) and am off (again).
I'll try to do some catching up this weekend and show you what we've been up to.