Tuesday, October 24, 2006

FO's all around

Wow, what a productive weekend.

First there's this:

and a little detail:

It's so cute!! (If I do say so myself).
It's really big though--which is weird because I got gauge and did the right size, and he does have a really big noggin.
I think I'm either going to tighten the running stitch on the road, or put another running stitch through the bottom part that could be tightened. That and maybe a tie--since the monkey doesn't want to keep it on.

His Daddy is holding his hands down here and the picture is fuzzy..Well, because he never sits still long enough to take a picture.
He just doesn't sit still.
He ran laps around the Dr's office yesterday for the 1.5 hours we waited. (Long story, but they called me 2 weeks ago to reschedule to yesterday, made us wait 1/2 hour before tell me that she didn't have me "on the list"). He ate everything in he diaper bag and then entertained everyone by running full tilt through the offices.....)

another FO:

(Crappy picture...Bad lighting as we enter week 3 of rain)
The S'more Jaywalkers...Okay so they are not really finished--but one is completely done and the other is still an anklet. I just was so happy that I wanted to wear them.
I got the whole first sock done this weekend--in relatively little time. The Jaywalker pattern is so easy to remember, that it just clicks away.
Can't say the same for the Pomatomus. It's still sitting there--because I'm afraid I'm going to have to frog back tot he ribbing again. I think I'm going to put a lifeline in, so I don't' have to go through this again.

and last but not least, the biggest and most exciting FO--which I can't take credit for but will be SOOOO happy to use:

My very own swift!!!
Hubby and FIL made it for me yesterday.
I had found a picture of a homemade one, once, but no details as to how to make it.
On Saturday night I went googling around and found plans

They had to buy one little tool, but the rest of the stuff they found in the basement.
The gear thingy (very technical I know) is actually a Sk8board bearing!!
They wanted to shelaque it for me..But I couldn't wait to use it--it needed some tweaking, but now it's great.
I almost bought one on Joanne's dot com on Saturday night--it was half off and cheap shipping to my sister--that's what prompted this whole thing.
It's nice to have something that hubby made and re-cycles old material.

Oh and I almost forgot!
I did some dying too!
It's all about the brown and pink:

It's not quite dry yet, but I can't wait to wind it with the swift!

Yeah--so that's it for my weekend.
How was yours???


lupinbunny said...

man! that baby hat is AWESOME!
i think i'll keep it from my SO else, he'll want a man-sized version.

Maxi said...

Very Very Cute!! (The hat too!) :)

miss ewe said...

LOVE that hat! I'm totally going to check out the homemade swift plans! Thanks for tip.