Saturday, March 29, 2008

I feel it...

Spring is coming.

My flowers are trying to grow--even through snowy patches.

We have Maple day here in our county.
Hubby is gone all day manning a booth for the Sk8park.
I was thinking today that I love our little area.
Even though we are small-ish--we are such a tourist-y area that there always seems to be something going on.
All over, today and tomorrow there are breakfasts, face painting, clowns, balloons, demonstrations and Maple food food food.
There are pony rides and wagon rides and demos at the many many maple sugar places around the county.
We might be able to take the kids tomorrow....
Princess B has a birthday party today.
The place where hubby is today has a mini farm aslo--horses and sheep (He already asked: they aren't fleece sheep--good man. I'm not sure their breed but I hope to see them when I pick him up at 4pm)

I am behind on my Spunky Club fibre spinning--I have almost finished December's .
It's totally wild and fun--and i did some fractal spinning (apparently from an issue of Spin Off magazine which I don't' own, but from reading around online I figured out what to do)
I hope to finish while little man sleeps today and then will have pictures.
I have no spun January or February's yet....and March's will be here next week sometime (it's slow shipping up here in the Great White North)