Thursday, April 03, 2008

I've got the greens

I finally found my dye mojo.

I haven't been dyeing in a long time because every time I started at my yarn or fibre I just didn't feel anything. Couldn't find colours I wanted, couldn't think of anything new, didn't want to do anything "old".

Today, hubby had an early meeting and had to leave by 7:30. I had about 45 minutes to get 2 kids up dressed, washed, fed, lunch made, bags packed and out the door to walk to school.
We did it.

I was home again by 8:30am, little man was happily playing, (he was actually playing with his cars on the back of the couch and paused for a short movie break)

the sun was shining, I was caffeinated and I broke out the dye pots.

I have been dreaming of this green for a while. A bright Spring green that was not acid green/Kelly green, or dark--just the perfect bright happy green.
I found it today.

Almost everything I dyed this morning is green.
I broke out some new yarns as well (Merino/Seacell and Merino/Bamboo)
ooooh so excited

I have some samples that I'm looking at and gave them a bit of a soak to see what they feel like softened up....

I did dye some Pinks and purples and I am trying a new thing that might lead to some self striping--we shall see.
Wish me luck!