Monday, April 21, 2008


A nice time of solitude.

I had a fun, lazy but yet somewhat productive day to myself.

The family left Saturday while I was gone to a ladies retreat. I came home to an empty and quiet house and slept through the night! (well, not really since there was a dog that sat on me, teenagers that went screaming past my window and various outside big truck noises that woke me all night--but still!)

After Church, I blog surfed (in my jammies), ate food--knit on my sock, watched trash TV (brain candy), knit on my sock, ate more food, had a nap, read outside, went for a walk, drank iced coffee and watched The Kite Runner (such a good book and a great movie--but read the book first).

Hubby and the kids came home late as they hadn't slept well at Grandma's--and Little man actually slept in until 7am today--so that's good.

Hubby is on his way to work and I have a real mess to clean up in the kitchen (I decided not to do any housework while they were gone--save for the stuff that is needed)


Oh, I finished my socks:

and even made a little mitered square after being inspired by this blog and this post

Happy Monday to you!