Saturday, April 05, 2008

Green green everywhere

I am so happy with the results of my dye morning.
This is not all of it, just the greens in a pile:

I am especially happy with this green:

I am actually going to name this "That Green".
The picture above is on a new Merino/SeaCell that I'm excited about. I haven't figured out pricing yet, but when I do, I can see a lot of this in my future.

I did some Merino/Nylon, Merino/Bamboo, Merino/SeaCell and some BFL fibre.
I did some Pink/Purple as to come (needed re-skeining and the light wasn't good today for pictures)

This one is called "I've Got the Greens" and is in my shop

as is this BFL in the same colourway:

I decided today I should carry a notebook with me wherever I go. I was out and about with a friend and her daughter and daughter's friend--we hit some stores and everywhere I went I saw colourways.
Some I can remember and some I have already forgotten.

I have a big dye project coming up--so I need to get crackin' on some colour ideas and making sure I have enough yarn (details will be blogged as soon as I am allowed)

Test knitting is going well--can't show you pictures, but I think the pattern is going to be so cute.

I have been trying to find some good TV or movies to watch as I need to get some hours in to finish this project and I remembered that a friend lent me Serenity and Firefly to watch.
I started Firefly Thursday night and am lov-ing it!

So, off to do more knitting.