Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby

3 years ago today you made me a Mommy for the last time.

You started life so quiet and easy...then you found your energy.

The last year has been spent chasing you and rescuing you from you own boundless energy and daredevil spirit.

You are constantly funny, always cute and loving.

You surprise me with your knowledge of new things that just pops up when we least expect it, and your all-of-a-sudden climbing up on my knee for hugs and cuddles.

You have taught me that Motherhood is an always active, 24 hour a day, eyes in the back of your head job.

You have taught me to survive on little or no sleep (I love you dearly, but the being awake from 12-3am, or up at 4am really has to stop now, okay??)

I wish I had your energy

I wish I had your way of finding the funny in everything

I love that we are spending more time together just the two of us while your sister is at school
(Don't tell her about all the cookies that we eat)

Love you buddy