Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bad time for socks

So I went to put little man's handknit socks on him and look what I found.

Sad Baby Jaywalkers.
I've already mended them about 3 times and this time with the 2 holes and the yarn being totally frayed, there was no salvaging them.

Good bye.

So, then I went to put on some socks for me and grabbed my I dream of Africa socks.
Guess what?

Grabbed my handspun socks (That I've already mended)

Grabbed my Fleece Artist Elfines'

Couldn't even put on my slippers, because, guess what??

My slippers are about 4 years old and have been mended and had Plasti-Dip put on them, but I'm thinking leather soles is the way to go.
The Fleece Artist socks I have washed in the machine on COLD--and they shredded.
The others--I don't understand since they have been handwash only.

I'm thinking the next pair of socks I knit for myself might need to have nylon in them. (The Jaywalkers (Ravelry link) I"m doing right now is Regia and does have nylon content)

(Oh, for those that don't know-- Magknits is no longer. You can find some patterns on Ravelry

So, I see some mending in my future. The Africa socks might need to be retired, as I'm not sure I have any of that yarn left.

What to do, what to do.

Anyways, I finished the pink test knitting (can't blog anymore about it) and have sent off info and pictures to the designer. Totally cute though--totally cute.

and with that--I am off to knit on socks and mend socks, and dream of socks!!!
and the designers may offer their patterns on their own blogs).