Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yes, I am still here

It has indeed been forever since I was here, and my only excuse is that my life has been a bit manic these past few months. Work, while still wonderful, has taxed my little grey cells and I have little brain power left to do much more then get through. I do love the new job in spite of the brain-sucking power of learning a new language (education) after 10+ years in health care. I have wonderfully supportive colleagues, an amazing boss, and I love the student interaction.
On other fronts, church is busy in ebbs and flows. Our mid-week program for kids has wrapped up for the year, our Sunday School class with college-aged students is going well, my delegate work increases as I am being added to more committees, and hubbo will be taking on the men's and co-ed soft-ball teams.
Giraffe continues to excel in kindergarten. His recent report card was wonderful, and most importantly, he loves school! His teacher is very gifted and she been a wonderful encourager of our little learner. From being unable to (legibly) write his name in September, to writing sentences, and doing math and reading enrichment, this has been a year of huge growth.
Hubbo will be leaving VICE in just a few weeks. He will be completing a 3 year assignment under-cover and will go back to the road, a uniform and nights. I have loved having a normal schedule Monday-Friday 9-5 these past few years, I know it will be a struggle being alone nights and having only 1 weekend out of 6 with him, but I refuse to complain about it. The job is what it is, and he is ready to be back on the road. It will mean I can eat cookies in bed again!
As far as knitting, it has been a great time for the needles actually. I do believe the sticks and string have kept me sane these past few months. I have finished a number of objects, started a few and have even learned how to spin under the careful eye of my sis. So much harder then it looks, but spinning is fun and highly addictive!
So there is my Life in a Nut Shell I am not sure if I will be back, or will wander off on my own. Will be pondering that. (Sis just wants to keep all the blogger booty to herself, right?)
I will leave you with my fav, newly finished object, my Julia Shawl, which can be found on Ravelry if you are over there. I am off to enjoy Spring Break with Giraffe which today has included sleeping in, a leisurely breakfast and a bath.