Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This time with pictures

I thought I would post some of the pictures from my time away.

There was spinning...on the road:

(oh look, it's the Hourglass Sweater)

There was a day of sickness from the nephew. Fever and general yuckiness. Aidan was observing and joined in the jammy day:

I sold most of my yarn in the span of 3 days.

and the USPS is so good. I shipped this stuff for super cheap, super fast.

Note: today I shipped yarn to someone in Canada--about 3 hours from here and it costs about 1/3 MORE to send within my area of Canada, than it does to mail to the USA. Does that make sense?

Sigh-I am annoyed and I feel a letter writing campaign coming on. Maybe it's the caffeine.

I bought some yarn:

Some Opal Rainforest in "Lady bug".
I am starting to love Opal. This is the third pair of socks from Opal Rainforest and I'm loving them. I also have a thing for lady bugs--always have.
I need some advice about the toe.

Can't decide which side should be the toe:

What do you think? Red toe? White toe?

The kids were great--they didn't' even get fussy until Wednesday--then the tired kicked in and they became weepy and whiny and it was not pretty.
We had tons of fun though.
We went for walks, went to the zoo and went to a really fun play area in a mall.
The mall has basically dried up (no stores left) but there was a really neat play area in the centre of it--for the kids.

The tree and all the other creatures are made of a hard foam so the kids could sit/climb/crawl on it and could not hurt themselves.

They had soft benches for the grown ups to sit on and just let the kids run!
There were activity areas on the side that could entertain older kids and younger kids alike.
Here's a good shot of Aidan and Chris playing games:

The kids ran around for about 2 hours and had fun...and got tired:

I think Aidan liked it:

A picture of the beautiful sunrise one morning, approximately 6:45am.
Yes, I was up that early.

Did some more knitting on the Ribbi Cardi:

We went to the zoo.
The picture of these socks are fun because I was actually knitting them the last time I went to the zoo in August--and happened to be wearing them this day.

Other than that we:
knit, drank tea, ate chocolate, ate more food, walked, talked, played and generally had a good time.


Oh and this is cool too:



So much updating!! Whew.

I like the white toe better. Then...I was never a big fan of the color red.

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