Friday, March 30, 2007

BlogContest Prize!!

My creation
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This is a picture of some lovelies I won from Yarn Pie's blog contest.
The pictures decided to be sideways...why does it do that?
Anyways I was having a stressfull day and when I got the box from the Post Office had no idea what it was--I was so happy when I tore into it, I almost cried in the parking lot.
I hadn't remmebered winning this contest, so when I looked at the items I really had no idea why I was being spoiled so nicely.
The needle case is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely what I needed--my needles are everywhere! Punk Knitting Needles--too funny.
The Roving is gorgeous and I want wait to spin it.
Yarn blanks--I know exactly what colourway I'm going to dye them--for me!!
A knitting book--very cool
And the cutest Blueberry Pie Pin Cushion. Neat!
Thanks YarnPie!!