Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Okay, so no pictures of the sweater as promised. I usually take my pictures in the am when the light is good.
Hubby just left for a the week, to go snowboarding with a bunch of teens and took the camera.
He knew I wanted it and use it every day for kid and knitting pictures but he took it.

Oh well--I promise that I have been working on it.
Wanna see a recreation??
Ta da:

Yep, that's about what they look like. Long green strips with ribbing.
They will be done soon and by the time hubby gets back on Saturday I hope to have a dent in the back.
The back I fear will be boring, so best to get it out of the way.

So, hubby's gone again. Little man is fussy and Princess B is whiny.
Fun times.
We got little man's hair cut for the first time yesterday, but I can't even show you those pictures.
OH well, at least I have a car this time..I can actually get out and away from this house.



Heehee! I love your recreation! That's too funny. Isn't it annoying when men take the things you wanted? lol

knitnzu said...

Thanks for playing on my contest. Yeah, the LJ thing...I will switch it over the summer to some other blog server!

Just A Knit Wit said...

LOL, extra credit points for getting a photo of the sleeves up without using a camera.

BTW - you won my contest! E-mail me at justaknitwit@gmail.com with your malabrigo color choice and the color you'd like your bracelet to be.