Saturday, March 10, 2007

A thanks and a check in

A big thanks to Shadkitty who sent me a little care package:

She sent some tea, some chocolate, some yarn and some fibre!!!
She made little nests out of the fibre--and carded it herself.
I need to get spinning.
I have been doing some--but I still have yet to finish that first batch of Romney and I have the
Spunky Eclectic and the Dudley Spinner stuff to spin still.
I also ordered some Superwash from
Wool2Dyefor as well as some more yarn for dyeing.

Thanks also to
Megan who sent me this book as a contest prize!!

It's even signed by Debbie herself!

I also have been knitting on my Ribbi Cardi. I haven't knit on it in, well, I haven't knit on it. So,
Lolly gave me the push that I needed--seeing her finished sweater is inspiration.
It's been all about socks here for a while, but since the L&V Sock Marathon has been continued and I've almost reached my goal of a mile of sock yarn knit (1 mile, crazy)--I'm going to take a sock break for a bit.

I ripped the sleeves back as I didn't like the way I did the increases (they say M1, but it leaves holes, so I did an invisible increase).
So after a day of knitting, I have this:
I have 2 half finished sleeves, which makes for 1 finished sleeve--right??

I will post pictures here, to keep myself motivated, and you.
Knock knock knock.
You keep me accountable too okay?
Give me a little kick in the comments if you don't see sweater progress pictures for more than 2 days.
Okay, that said--hubby is actually home--so I think some spinning is in order.



Awww the little nests got smushed! And the cinnamon yarn looks more cinnamon-ish in pictures. lol

I'll keep ya honest on your sweater! I want to see it. :)

kimberly said...

Keep going on those sleeves. For some reason they seemed to go on forever!! I lengthened mine and after wearing it again yesterday to my spinning meet, I'm so very glad I did. Just some food for thought. :)) I'll be watching your progress.