Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm baaaack!

Home again Home again Jiggety jig (something my Mom used to say)

I'm back.
I had so much fun last week. I was telling a friend that my sister and I drank too much tea, knit and couched and he said "wild times".
Nope, not really--but it's fun for us.
We can't really go anywhere too fun with 3 kids under 5, so we just do stuff together at night.
We did take them to a cool play area in a mall, to the zoo, for walks, to a pet store, a play land with a ball crawl and we even took Aidan to a yarn store.
He was an angel.
I, of course had to buy some sock yarn. (Opal Rainforest--ladybug. I am loving this sock)
But, now I'm rambling..

I have about 164 feeds to read in my bloglines.
I have pictures to share--couldn't share any while there.
Podcasts to listen to (couldn't' listen there and now can't find my I-pod again)
Little man kept finding everybody's I-pod all week, putting the ear pieces in and saying "Pod" and running away so you couldn't' find him.

I meant to get a huge dent in my Ribbi Cardi, but again, it didn't happen.
I spent most of the week re-skeining the yarn I sold and (big surprise) picking knots out of some of the skeins.
One got very tangled and it took 2 nights to set it straight.
If any of my customers are reading this--don't' worry, there is nothing wrong with the yarn.
Just my sanity.

I also tried to navigate the US Postal service. We went to a little post office on Monday--I asked for some information--she handed me a 40 page booklet and walked away.
So, I did some reading and then just went to another PO--walked in and said "I'm from Canada and I don't know how to mail this" and pulled yarn out of my pocket.
The guy had good laugh, but was very helpful.
Then picture me standing there for about 15 minutes wrapping skeins of yarn in pretty tissue paper and stuffing envelopes. It was quite the scene.
I cannot believe that in the US you can mail a package for $1.83 and it will get there in 2-4 days.
In Canada--sending a card within Canada can take a week, even longer.
Of course, I just got home to find an Interweave Knits magazine that was mailed February 1st--why does it cost $2.85 to send something that takes 8 weeks to arrive?

I'm rambling....again

I did get my wool order from Wool2Dye4--some Superwash roving to try my hand at dyeing and some Superwash yarn for dyeing. Yeah!
Great customer service, super-fast shipping and she even included some BFL yarn samples.

I think that's it for the update for now. I'll try to post some pictures later, when the monkeys are in bed.



Aww I missed you! Yes, the US Postal Service is fabulous. I love it SOOO much. It's definitely gotten better recently, I guess trying to compete with technology.

164 posts in your bloglines?! WOW!