Saturday, March 17, 2007


It was a good little day in the shop, so far.
I say that because every time I come back to the computer, there is another sale.

I listed 2, got a hair cut, sold 1.
Listed 2, tended to children--sold 2.
Wound some yarn--sold 2.

I'm a happy camper!
Hubby just got home today and had the camera all week--so I did a mad picture taking, listing blitz to get them up.
I actually still have 3 more to do, but ran out of daylight.
I'll try for first thing in the am, because after that...I'm gone!

I'm going to my sisters for a week. I'm so excited--we're going to have such fun.
She just started "knitting" wire necklaces and I'm trying to convince her to open her own Etsy shop.
We'll see.

Blogging will still happen--and I'm going to take the camera this week--so there should be pictures.

I need to go back to Mt. Washmore (aka laundry duty), then packing, then loading the car etc etc.
Right now I'm going to stare at my shop some more and marvel at the fact that
"I did it", I made some sales!

Oh, and the Ribbi Cardi? Pathetic--I haven't touched it in days...So, some Ribbi tonight after work is done. Then a 4+ tomorrow will get me some progress.



Yay!! I'm so excited for you. That's awesome, I'm scared to start an Etsy shop because I keep thinking nothing will sell.