Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm back

Yep, am feeling better. Not 100%, but better enough that I got up and showered and dressed and did my hair yesterday--hadn't done that since last Tuesday.
I ate solid food and could taste it!

The response from my Church has been amazing. We had 2 complete roasted chicken dinners (with veggies, fruit/dip, breads, salads) dropped off on Sunday. We had a casserole and a full lasagna dinner with rolls, cookies, salads etc dropped off last night.
I was surprised and feeling so Blessed.
That's what Churches are for. I love that.

I have been knitting.
I am halfway finished the 2nd Monkey sock. I only started it yesterday at 3pm, so I'm just zipping along.

Little man is breathing better, is still wheezing but seems to have more energy today and doesn't have a fever.
Princess B is breathing better too.
Hubby is at his retreat, and it hasn't been too bad w/out him so far.
In reality, he's only 15 minutes away, so if I needed him I could call.

I'm most excited to blog about a book that I read while sick.
I'm going to put it in a separate post, just to be able to refer back to it...
This is a book that knitters should read!



Well, I'm glad you're even a little bit better! Especially because you will need your energy the most right now. Your church sounds wonderful. :) Happy knitting!