Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Spinning updates

Finally some spinning finished product:

This is the Pigeon Roof Studios "Delight" Merino/Silk all done!
You can see from the scale that I have about 6.7 oz--so enough to do something with.

I am not happy with my plying:

It's not even, and I checked it while plying and it seemed balanced, was balanced when I took it off the wheel, but there are spots that are underplyed and as you can see from the picture above there are spots where it looks like the roving wasn't spun at all.
I know the only way to get better at plying is to keep doing it, but mine does not seem to be progressing well.

I think I shall talk about that next week at Spinning guild--maybe get some pointers.
We talked a bit about that last week and agreed that spinning from two 2nds of a centre pull ball is not easy.
My lazy-kate is not tensioned, and I wonder if that makes a difference.
Anyways--I am happy with this yarn--but apparently my camera is angry b/c the close up, clear pictures have somehow disappeared.

After staying up way to late finished that last night, I was hungry for a new project.
I wanted to start some socks for Princess B and pulled out the Lorna's Laces I bought forever ago, thinking she'd love the colours.

She actually asked for some Ballet slippers--which I happened to have a pattern for. I explained that that yarn is just for socks but some spinning I have, would work for the slippers.
They are the same colour, so she's happy.

Recognize the spinning?
It's the Spunky Eclectic "Tahiti" roving that was one of my first purchases and 2nd wheel spun. It's been sitting on the bobbin that long--because I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to spin the other half and ply, just use it as singles, and because it took me so long that I was kind of tired of it....
Now that it has a project in mind, I think it will be fast work...except.
I sat down at the wheel this morning while little man was napping, and the drive band broke.
It's plastic, so I melted it back together, but now I think I need to wait before using it.

So, maybe some sock knitting today...