Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spinning spinning spinning

Okay, so I promised some spinning pictures.

I've spun half of the Spunky Eclectic Tahiti roving--into singles.
I'm thinking of trying to knit from the singles just to try that out.

I've finished all of the spring-time Chocobird and am trying to figure out whether to

Navajo ply it or regular ply it.

I finished the spring-time Merino/Tencel sample and did my first Navajo ply:

and closer:

I also started spinning from a batt for my first time:

It's a batt I got from Lime and Violet's Etsy store (which they don't have anymore--they are now at and then go to their store.
It's a blend of romney, mohair, merino, domestic, merino/tencel.
I bought it a while ago and just now got to spinning it--totally forgot what it was made of.
I like it--it's different.
There are some curly locks right in there and I think I can tell what the romney is:

So, after this I have a some of the Shetland batts I want to try--maybe make those into some fingerless mitts (not for now, but save it)
And I want to wash my fleece soon.
I smells pretty game-y and I' ve been doing some reading and apparently the lanolin can harden and make the fleece hard to process later.
So, after I get the laundry done today (ha ha, is laundry ever done?) I want to wash the fleece.

That's the spinning update.
The knitting has not been going well lately--hubby even said to me last night--"You haven't been knitting much, what's going on?".

Well I don't feel like I've been home much since last weekend--and with the dyeing, drying, re-skeining, picking knots out of skeins, processing orders, son not really napping--there hasn't been much time for knitting.
I actually sat down last night for the first time and finished one pattern repeat.
So, I'm past the heel and just starting to go up the leg.

That's about it for me, for now.