Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

It feels like I haven't been here in forever. It's just since Sunday, but we've been doing so much that month feels like it has been gone.

I have about 100 pictures that we've taken since I last posted.
No. Seriously.

There's a lot of sheep pictures, some fun Birthday party pictures and yarn pictures.

Sunday, we went to visit friends of ours who are starting to raise some sheep.
The mom's had babies at Christmas time and we hadn't gone to see them when they were wee--and then they got 2 more--Shetlands (yeah, spinning)

Here they all are in the field--the Brown ones are the Shetland and the others are a cross
Rambouillet and Rideau-Arcott (I think).

Princess B really liked them until they sniffer her--then I think she thought they were a bit big. They were so cute, and friendly and watching them jump was so cute!
This family also raises chickens which roam around their property sometimes--A had fun trying to catch the "buck bucks!!!"

The next day was a Shearing Day at a local Shetland farm. The same family we visited on Sunday were there for their 4-H club, as it was their big fundraiser day.
What fun!

Fields and fields of Shetland sheep. Shearing, watching people "skirt" the fleece, food, fun, friends (okay enough alliteration)

This is a small section of the field--picture about 200 sheep running around--and little 2 y/old boy trying to catch them.

We watched a couple of sheep being sheared until Princess B says "Mommy this is boring can we go?"
I told her it wasn't boring, but if she had seen enough we could go see some other animals.
A LOVED the sheep:

So I moved on to something fun for Mommy

So then I watched them skirt the fleece and happened to ask a woman beside me (who was buying 10) if she processed them herself. She says "I own a mill".
I had been hearing about a mill that was about an hour from me, for about 5 months--and there she is (in the pink). So, the friend who owns the sheep and another friends who have Angora goats had a chit chat, took her card and are planning a road trip to see her mill (yeah!!)

I bought a fleece!
I had asked about prices and had decided that it was a bit much for me to undertake since I don't have carders or anything and have not processed fleece before.
I bought a couple of
batts and just happened to ask 1 more time about the price, finding out it was half of what I thought--I bought one.
So I now have a 3 pound Shetland fleece named Marley.

I found a great link here that might help me get over my fear of washing it. I might also just get some dog combs/brushes to start.

Oh, and then--also on Monday we went to a Birthday party for a 3 y/old friend of ours.
It was a "Cars" theme, and A is in love with Cars, so we had a blast.
More good food, good friend and good times.

"This marathon post has been brought to you by caffeine"
--I think I'll sign off now.
I think I'm caught up--next p
ost I will show you the series of yarn that I just dyed for the shop. Click the linky link and to see my shop for yourself too!!