Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I have the best husband ever

Not only did he order Knitting books from my wish list--he arranged to have a friend watch the kids for the morning so I could have some quiet knitting/spinning and have a sushi lunch with him!
(Note: he doesn't like sushi)
He even made me the coolest card ever which hinted at my gifts:

So, in the picture, the Yarn Harlot is holding a book and I am holding a book.
Only, in the original picture we are holding each others socks.

So, 2 knitting books are in the mail and should arrive today.
The house is quiet (which is freaking me out because I've never had that before)
and I'm going to get to eat sushi for lunch!!!
So, in honour of that--I'm going to start a new sock.
I'm off to wind yarn.