Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay, so my blogging has been really boring lately.
Maybe it's because the change in the weather has lead me outside and not inside knitting, spinning or dyeing.
Maybe there has just been so much going on that to sit down and write it would either take too long or seem too jumbled.

So let's do a progress reports:
Elfine socks are going along smoothly--I'm at the heel of the first sock.
I was going along nicely last night when some of the silver foil (??) started to come off my needle.
It left a rough patch that I think caught the yarn.
The yarn had a snag/tear in 1 ply (grrr)
Then I was trying to master the wrap and turn short row (which is not the usual technique I use) and kept getting holes--so I frogged it.
Then I was leaving it for the night, got the ball caught on my foot and ended up dragging the sock/yarn across the kitchen.
What a mess.
That's how I knew it was time for bed.
THe socks are fine today though--already finished the heel in my normal short-row style.

RIbbi-Cardi--haven't touched it in more than a month. I'm thinking that now since it's May--it might be time to leave it until fall.
We'll see.

I've joined Ravelry.
I got an invite early last week and have been checkign it out multiple times daily.
The early beta testers had invites, but I think that has passed.
If you haven't checked it out--add your name to the list.
You might have to wait a couple of weeks (they did have 3,000 people on the list at one time) but it's well worth the wait.
It's the brain child of a blogger Frecklegirl Jess and her husband Casey--and is basically a place where you can show off your knits, enter your yarn stash, needles owned etc etc etc.
You can get ideas for new projects, see what others have done with yarn that you own.
It's linked to Flickr, so it's super easy to drag and drop pictures in.
So. Much. Fun.
Oh, and one of my pictures is being used to FEATURE a pattern.

This is the Child's Cotton Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
It was a gift for Baby Mary our Pastors daughter.

What else do I have going on (*runs off to check Ravelry*)--oh yes.
Embossed Leaves sock--last sock is also at the heel, but I took out the needle to do the Elfine, since I only own 1 US1 circular.

Garden--not much going on since hubby used ALL the topsoil we bought to patch a little section of grass. 10 bags--not kidding.

Dyeing--JUST got some blanks and I have a whole series in my brain that I want to do, just need some time/energy/inspiration to do it.
*Usually I dye at night when hubby is at work and the kids are sleeping and I've had too much caffeine and chocolate and stay up way too late listening to podcasts*
But that hasn't happened yet.

So....I'll just keep on keeping on until something happens (a sock is finished or some yarn is dyed) and then I'll have pretty pictures to share