Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here I am

I'm at my sisters.
Having a great time--visiting for my nephew's b-day.

I had 2 packages waiting for me from Wool2Dye4 (go check them out, Sheila is AWESOME)

and today I got my Knitpicks order and some stuff from "Smoosh" at Etsy.

She had some items in her sale section and a few of them came home with me.

It's funny--I visit my sister and I get mail here!

Yarn-y, fibre-y, books and spinning stuff.


Progress reports:
Embossed Leaves sock is coming along--I'm through the heel and just need to finish up the second sock. (Pardon the hideous picture, hard to take an in progress picture of yourself)

I took the needle out though, so I could cast on for something else:

Elfine socks from Amelia at Autoscopia. It's using the Fleece Artist sock yarn that I bought the day Aidan fell and I needed some "yarn therapy". I think it's the "Mahogany" colourway--but hard to know since Fleece Artist doesn't tend to label their ball bands. Grrrr.
I like this sock.
Actually I love this sock!
The picture above does not do the yarn justice. It's the most gorgeous colourway.
Reds and browns and deep rusty yellow--which doesn't sound too nice, but it's just yummy.
This is a "warm" version of the colour and it's pretty accurate.

So, hopefully this weekend there will be knitting, tea drinking, Law and Order watching, gabbing, eating--wash, rinse, repeat.