Thursday, May 31, 2007

The good the bad and the ugly.

well, at least that's where I'm at right at this moment.
The day started off all right--good coffee.
Kids were quiet.Played happy.
I actually got to knit on my sock (I haven't actually knit in the day time in weeks, weeeeeeeks)
Then it went downhill.
Hubby came home to get some stuff, I realized it was 12:30 and had yet to have b/fast or anything but coffee--Princess B made a comment, hubby made a comment--which sparked a not nice conversation and I just lost it.
I walked around the yard crying, picking up toys.
Went and had a shower, crying.
the toilet gurgled, it had 2 pieces of TP, I flushed it and the whole thing overflowed.
ALL OVER THE FLOOR. All over the kitchen floor. Leaked down the vent (which for some stupid reason is strategically placed over our dryer in the basement).
Leaked ALL OVER the pile of freshly cleaned, folded laundry.
I cried more.
Ran around trying to find towels to sop up the mess.
Cleaned up the mess, cleaned up the basement.
Cleaned myself up

Ate and entire chocolate bar and now I"m sitting here.

Now that that's over with, let's look at some pretty things:

Blue Roving drying in the sun.

1 Finished Elfine Sock:

Lettuce trying to grow in my garden:

and this one's for my nephew:

Those are the Sea Monkeys that he helped me "grow" on Saturday.

I'm off to a Girls Night Out tonight--desperately needed. First one in ???? a year????