Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh I do have stuff to say!

Totally forgot to post about my roving that became yarn!!!
Kittygrrlz bought 2 of my rovings (the chickswithsticks and the L&V) and spun them up for her store.
She left me a cute little note--telling me she wanted to spin up the fibre before she posted Etsy feedback because she wanted to include a picture of the roving spun up!
You can see her yarn here, here and here.


I am going to be putting some new yarns up in the store tomorrow.
I snuck one in tonight (one I've dyed before) but there will be new ones and I'm excited.
I've been wanting to dye some of these for a while--and this week the inspiration hit me.

I've finished spinning up the Pippi roving and hope to learn to Navajo ply tonight. Hubby left his laptop home so I can watch the video from JoyofHandspinning to figure out how to do it.

Well, the kid are sleeping, the house is quiet and I'm off to spin, and dye and watch some season finale's.