Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Na na na na na na na na

(with apologies to the Beatles)

"You say it's your:

It's my Birthday to yeah"

Okay, yes, it's my birthday.
I just had to tell you a funny story about Princess B.
She is obsessed with birthdays--wants her Birthday every week.
She actually cried on the way home from the post office on Monday b/c the "Post office ladies" didn't give her a present and she wanted one.
So, I was telling her the other day that it was going to be Mommy's birthday.
She got all excited and said"OH--I can get you a Spinning Fridge".
So she proceeds to tell me that she wants to get me a fridge for my spinning wheel, and when you open it up--it's full of yarn.
That sounds just about perfect!!!

Happy Day to you all.